GCHQ's psy-ops squad targetted Britons for psychological manipulation


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Could this explain that idiotic story in Sunday Times and its followup?


The “deny, disrupt, dissuade, diverge, XXX” phrase sticks out to me much like “dodge, duck, dip, dive, and DODGE!” Perhaps GCHQ was recruiting from the American Military Information Support Operations (MISO)?


Which idiotic story in the SundayTimes and …?. oh, I see what you did there.


This is what happens when you let ‘public servants’ tweak their job descriptions.

Sadly, 1984 has turned out to be far more an instruction manual for authoritarian scumbags than dire warning to the populace.


It certainly is a good thing that this capability would only be used against the bad people; and that nobody would ever be so unsporting as to take advantage of the obvious utility of having a clandestine propaganda and dirty tricks squad when…ensuring orderly and correct outcomes in the democratic process…so to speak.


Absolutely no way this stuff would have been used in the Scottish Independence Referendum then.

Get the fuck outta here with your mad conspiracy theories you internet weirdo!


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