"Gee, you crack me up!" Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks reporter's question about Covid deaths is funny

Greene has stated numerous times an assertion that only “obese” people contract CoViD or have severe symptoms that require hospitalization or lead to death. Basically, she thinks if you eat “right” and exercise, you won’t catch CoViD. She’s a fool.


I would like to echo that sentiment on behalf of the entire USA to our fellow humans and other lifeforms across the globe!


I imagine her response to your question would be, “What are these ‘responsibilities’ of which you speak?”

This type only recognizes rights, not responsibilities.


I don’t get this. It seems remarkably short-sighted. Does she not want to get re-elected? Hard to do if those who voted for you are dead.


She really needs the Christmas Carol treatment. Where is the ghost of Covid past to give her a tour of the ventilator wards?


Five times as many Americans have died of COVID-19 as died in World War I.
One and a half times as many Americans have died of COVID-19 as died in World War II.
We’re damned close to having as many COVID-19 deaths as we do Civil War deaths.

Someone needs to ask Ms. Greene what parts of those statements she finds so goddamned funny! :rage:

Source: United States military casualties of war - Wikipedia, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC


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wow I think that’s the type of smile a biologist might call a “fear grimace”


Precisely. “Antivax” is now a key tenet of the Republican cult. McConnell is speaking heresy and risks being excommunicated.


And that’s for BOTH sides in that war, not just U.S. deaths.


Maybe Biden should threaten to redo the Census


She’s a psychopath. An attention-seeking psychopath. I completely fail to understand why any reporters talk to her - all it does is give her what she wants, while providing no information of worth because she’s a) an impotent and ignorant member of Congress sidelined by her own party and b) she lies all the time.

To get more attention for herself? I expect her notion of her “responsibilities” don’t extend beyond fulfilling her own goals.

That’s a safe assumption. Presumably that’s the number of people who have died after getting the vaccine - of any “natural” cause. (I remember during the trials, all deaths of trial participants were recorded - including someone hit by lightning.) Last I heard, there have been three deaths that might be related to the vaccine because they involved blood clots. But lots of things can cause blood clots, including contraceptive pills (which actually have a higher risk factor). The risk factor for the vaccine is so many orders of magnitude lower than the disease it’s absurd that the discussion is even taking place.

Infowars is apparently claiming over a million people died from the vaccine - by taking the number of people who reported any kind of adverse reaction to all vaccines (not just covid). That’s how desperate they are to gin up some fake statistics.

She’s from a very red district - she knows that even if 10% of the people who voted for her die, she’ll still be reelected. Her district is 76% white and, not coincidentally, 75% voted for Trump. All she cares about is the primary, and this is just playing to her (dwindling) base.

That would only have an impact on her if she were not a psychopath, though.


Would it be really, really bad of me to consider that a win?
Just think of it as evolution in action…


It’s not even true, though. Republican-held areas are held by comfortable margins, so the death toll (which is going to be worse overall in those areas due to conservative plague-rats spreading the disease to everyone), won’t be enough to shift the balance of power. There will be no consequences for those Republicans cynically pushing anti-vax positions. In fact, they’ll probably be strengthened by feeding the party’s cult mentality, increasing the partisan divisions that keep them in power.


Greene’s delusion puts Sarah Palin’s to shame.


Exactly this. Also worth keeping in mind, particularly early on, the vaccines went to nursing home patients. Frail, elderly folks some of whom died in the time period after the vaccine because they were frail and elderly.


March 31, 2021

Anyone think that she didn’t get vaccinated the moment that it was possible, and that this isn’t all BS for her supporters?


what you did there…
I see it
and I like it!


I think they’re more concerned about backlash once more and more people in red states have a friend, neighbor, or relative die of COVID, or have serious complications like a stroke or heart attack.

It’s a short step from “COVID isn’t real!” to “you told me COVID isn’t real!”

They don’t care about killing grandma, but they care about people who care about who killed grandma.


Don’t be sad, be angry. Get energized, and make a change.

Sadness is a wasted emotion so much of the time.