"Gee, you crack me up!" Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks reporter's question about Covid deaths is funny

Would it be really, really bad of me to consider that a win?

It’s a human thing to feel, but consider that my entire family is vaccinated, and has been careful, following guidelines as they are updated. My disabled daughter and 20 month-old granddaughter are now in quarantine because a child in her daycare tested positive. They both have symptoms and are getting tested this afternoon. I absolutely blame the Q-nuts, but those fucks didn’t have the grace to die before they harmed my family, so I can’t call it a win. And just to be clear, I feel the same about the poor kid who tested positive. They didn’t ask for this.


Some weeks back Tucks Carlson said that (iirc) 2,000 or so bad results of the vaccine were reported. He was taking raw numbers from a govt web site that permits people to record anything they think MIGHT be a negative reaction. “I got vaccinated and now it hurts more than usual when I hit myself in the head with a hammer” sort of thing.
Very very few of them were validated, I think at the time the actual number was in the range of a couple hundred. Even Tucks backed away from it. So I suspect 6,000 is an exaggeration of a number that was bullshit to start with.


As AOC said before, “she needs professional help” (may not be exact quote)


The census should be redone anyway, due to GQP fuckery independent of COVID.


I’ve run into this deflection, it’s the “only sick people/people with chronic conditions are dying”. Which is not ok, of course, and it’s worse when you consider that about 40% of US adults have one or more chronic condition that probably makes this worse for them. Prevalence of Multiple Chronic Conditions Among US Adults, 2018
I’m guessing that arthritis might not be a risk factor by itself, but who knows, that’s why I went from the 51% cited down to about 40%.


Not OK. POC are still bearing the brunt of this disease in the US. Healthcare workers are still paying the toll in workload, stress, and trauma. And ultimately, it’s not the assholes who are getting rich off of the misinformation who are paying the price.


I think she is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. Both inside and out.


She was elected specifically to be dumb and horrible, because her voters have been trained to understand politics purely as an entertainment, and electing an Always Sunny character is a good and sensible choice if you think that. Democracy will continue to be paralysed until everyone fully groks just how true this is of Turmp voters.

I doubt Whatsername is even close to the bottom of this barrel, because she still limits herself to vaguely political subjects (albeit in a spectacularly stupid and evil way). You could be a lot more entertaining, and therefore more appealing to chuds, if you didn’t bother with “serious” issues at all. Literally, if you promised to ride around the House of Representatives on a fanboat making fart noises, you’d be a contender in the current GOP.


The 6000 number almost certainly comes out of VAERS. VAERS is designed to include all reports of death after vaccine so that we can find potential problems. The number is always going to be higher than the number of people who actually have died from the vaccine, and usually significantly higher.

In other words, it’s a scare tactic. The antivaxx crowd willfully misunderstands how VAERS works to make the vaccines sound scarier.

But even then it doesn’t make a lick of sense. 162 million people in the US–or roughly half the population–have received two doses of one vaccine or another. Even using the highly inflated number of 6000 from VAERS, that’s a fatality rate of less than 0.004%. I am also fairly certain that even most anti-vaxxers can determine that 6000 is less than the 600,000 COVID deaths we’ve had in the US.

As for the idea that only people with pre-existing conditions die of COVID–I can only roll my eyes. My father-in-law had double or triple bypass surgery in the mid eighties. He lived another thirty years with serious but manageable heart problems before passing away about five years ago. Odds are fair in fact that Greene herself has some as-yet-undetected health problem that could cause problems for her with COVID or the flu.


Man, if polio would have just tried a bit harder with this guy all those years ago.


Which is an example of why I despair when people act as if Biden’s election meant that our national nightmare of stupid is over.


Maybe she did the math, It kills one in 500, which is a lot, but not enough to decimate a voter base.

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”COVID ain’t real, them doctors fucked up and let gramma die of pneumonia.”

Hell, patients dying of COVID are denying it with their last breath before being intubated. Husbands are literally punching doctors and nurses who tell them their loved ones are dying of COVID

They can still kill a lot of grandmas without any consequences.


Yep, Kinda hard die of covid without first getting sick with it. The problem here is that it’s gotten really damn easy to get sick, because this new strain of Covid is especially infectious.


Yeah, that was a stat anti-vaxxers were trying to score on: “The death rate for people who get the vaccine is really high!” Well, duh, it’s only available to the elderly - they do have a higher death rate! But when it became more widely available, that was no longer true so they had to start making things up.

Oh, absolutely. Given how performative her denial of the vaccine was, yet how vehemently she responded when someone asked if she was vaccinated (and she refused to answer), I think that gives us our answer. If she hadn’t been vaccinated, she’d be shouting it, but she knows there’s a chance she’ll get caught out if she lies about it, so she stays quiet.

I wish it were true, but I rather suspect it’s not. Republicans have been advancing policies that totally screw over the vast majority of their supporters, yet avoid getting blamed for it - by diverting blame onto others, even though it never makes any sense. They’ll do that again, if necessary, and their voters will buy into it.

The current conservative thinking is apparently, “If you’re sick, it’s because you’ve ‘sinned’ /made ‘bad’ choices, so it’s all your fault and I don’t want to have to be impacted by that (by paying taxes or insurance premiums that pay for your treatment), and you deserve the suffer the consequences of your own actions. My own illnesses are a totally different case, of course.” I keep seeing it, again and again, explicitly stated. It’s some twisted version of Calvanism.


These people are pure evil. I absolutely cannot live with Republicans any longer. Families are torn apart forevermore and there is no possibility of fixing it. If they want to break the union then let them. Give them Texas and a few other southern states and let them worship q and t$%&p and whatever insane madness they want without having to ever look at them again.

There’s another clip where a reporter asks if she was vaccinated and she replies… It’s a HIPAA violation to ask that.

What happened to reporters asking follow up questions like… Huh?


No. There are way too many good people there who can’t afford to move and don’t deserve what would happen to them in what would become an ethno-religious fascist state. Texas is over 50% non-GQP; why do the majority have to suffer and not the assholes?


Many kinds of arthritis are an autoimmune disease- which are treated with immune response altering drugs. If I understand correctly both of those things raise the level of risk for covid complications.

I spent my high school years in a very, very rural area with a lot of people who were fanatically fundamentalist in terms of religion. Then we were bussed to school for about an hour down off the mountain to a small but more connected town. What I am seeing here is how the kids from the mountains acted when confronted with more mainstream ideas of morals and religions and race.

That laugh isn’t a real laugh. Watch the shift from 0:07 to 0:11. That is exactly how kids from the mountains would act when they were confronted with, say, evolution. It isn’t just a difference of scientific opinion, it’s “so silly it cracks them up” that people are willing to believe it. The ‘wise-christian-having-a-laugh-at-the-expense-of-the-crazy-science-person’ is basically a trope in Chick tracts.

That’s defensive. She presents it as offensive, she probably thinks it is offensive, but really it is so, so sadly insecure and defensive. It’s a childish behavior, not an adult behavior, and it isn’t the behavior of someone who is really confident in their beliefs, either. She’s filling a moment with derisive laughter because she has no real argument.

It gives me a really creepy feeling. We’re watching a cult slowly crawling toward its end.