"Gee, you crack me up!" Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks reporter's question about Covid deaths is funny




I understand the sentiment, or rather, the frustration (I’m heading to a reunion in the “belly of the beast” in a few days) – but it’s been pointed out here previously, that that’s throwing those who aren’t hetero, white males (back) to the wolves.

EDIT: Or, what @DukeTrout said


She’s not even “from” that district. She’s rich and moved to a red district where she could easily run and win.


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P’shaw, that’s just negative thinking for everyone who became a lawyer aiming for ‘special indictor’ or other oddball courses forward from clerking. And what of whoever plays shorting games with poorly shaped districts, it’s like they don’t exist.

I mean, it’s not strictly a negative stance, but…


I don’t really want to be the one to defend MTG, but calling women with public roles ugly (on the outside) isn’t really okay. There’s plenty wrong with MTG, so let’s stick to calling out the things she does, rather than what she was born with.


Nope, that would require 1 in 10. Quingentimate maybe?

The most prevalent kind, osteoarthritis (about a quarter of adults) isn’t autoimmune. Rheumatoid arthritis, which is autoimmune, is the second most prevalent, and IS a risk factor, but only about a percent of the population has that kind. The other types are more rare. Rheumatoid Arthritis Increases Risk of Death From COVID-19 It may also be that some medications that help treat arthritis are risk factors, as they often work by modulating the immune system. And people with osteoarthritis may be more sedentary, on average, which may also be a risk factor.


This may be my brain lying to me because it makes me happier that way, but I prefer to think that the republican party is largely comprised of people who’ve been deceived, rather than people who are evil. Yes, if someone is racist and/or evil, there’s a lot of cruelty for them to like, and if they’re evil enough, the GOP may recognize it and put them in management. But it’s more about effective lying than being the party of honest evil. “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Attributed to Mark Twain, but it’s thought he never got round to saying all of his famous quotes.


I think in their mind, the only important thing is to be able to say “XXXX number of American’s died under President Biden. Vote Trump 2024.” So a few supporters have to be thrown under the bus. It’s for a good cause. /s


As someone who lives in the south… how about fuck that idea. You don’t get to put me and my family in extreme danger just because you think we’re all GQP. Let me remind you that that is not the case and that my state actually saved our bacon by electing two democrats to the Senate for the first time in a while. Let me also remind you that that happened because GOOD people did GOOD work, not just where they knew they’d win, but in every single county in the state. Everyone, even those that are deeply red. The way to win is not abandon entire swaths of the country, because it’s “too hard.” It’s to put in the work.

That’s correct. She realized that the 6th, where she lives, is too sane for her to run on a Trumpian ticket. The 6th is represented by Lucy McBath, who is a moderate democrat. The 14th still has real problems with groups like the KKK, etc. It’s not a huge surprise that these tactics would work there.


The Republican Ideal

The Republican Reality

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Shit, really?!? Not doubting you, but this is one bit of insanity that I haven’t seen/read about yet. Ugh. Our poor, long-suffering healthcare workers. :pleading_face:


One of the professor medics who was involved in developing infliximab (a drug designed for rheumatoid arthritis) commented early in the pandemic (in UK) that of the two cohorts of his patients (on infliximab and not on it) those on it had far less serious effects from Covid than those not on it.

It is possible that the suppressed immune system (caused by infliximab) may have protected against the cytokine storm.

I have the extract from the radio interview if anyone is interested.

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Its not me throwing anyone to the wolves. This split is coming. They hate us as much as we revile them, and as recently reported 66% of Southern Republicans (who ARE firmly in charge of those states) are absolutely in favor of breaking away, and Texas is their big daddy. If I lived in any of those states, I would consider a plan to get out, like it or not.

Got tomorrow’s lottery numbers, by any chance?

That sounds like something a person speaking from a position of unexamined privilege would say.

What about all the people who have no resources to ‘just up and move?’


It’s even worse than just random idiots punching them. Some get no support from their hospitals!



Or, and I’m just spitballing here, we reinstate federal voting rights to everyone and watch them become the political minority in every state except for Wyoming and the Dakotas.

I think GQP irrelevance is much more fun than apartheid. They haven’t fucking earned their own nation.


An awful lot of silicon valley companies and their liberal CA employees have been flowing into TX lately. I suspect it’s status as a Red state is doomed.