"Gee, you crack me up!" Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks reporter's question about Covid deaths is funny

Texas is only 41% non Hispanic white. There’s big changes coming there in the next decade.


Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent 

|Black or African American alone, percent(a)|

|American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a)|

|Asian alone, percent(a)|

|Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent(a)|

|Two or More Races, percent|

|Hispanic or Latino, percent(b)|

|White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent|



Again, reality disagrees. They are writing laws to make voting harder, because they have nothing to offer, politically and know they can’t win on their merits.

A split will not end up good for anyone in North America. It will be a protracted and violent war that will not spare those not living in the parts of the country that you hold in such high contempt. a split will fuck the whole country. This is MY country too, and I refuse to give this up, even if you’re willing to do so.

But that’s TOOOOO HAARRRD! Let’s jsut give up and pretend like splitting the country is the ONLY solution, because it’s just easier that way. What’s a few million people being left to a fascist regime! Worked out fine for the Germans, right? /s


I suspect the changing racial demographics have a much bigger impact than techbros… many people are also moving here, but again, the diverse population of ATL more generally have a bigger impact than people moving from northern california for jobs.


Totally disagree. The split, should such a disaster occur, will be between blue urban centers and red rural counties. There will be no hard border, and it would be terror attacks, sniping, bombings and vengeance. Think Lebanon on a continental scale. No thank you very much. And unless the military also splits, a few drones would make short work of any open rebels. Blood would run deep.


No one said nor implied that you personally are “making” anything happen.

Got evidence?


Yep. We’d be looking at cities having roads choked to keep food and supplies from arriving, economic disaster across the US, famine across the US (roads y’all… everyone is depending on them currently and none of them have been designed with the expectation of sustained guerilla warfare).


And again you left out the part I explained that 66% of Republicans leaders support cession. How long do you intend to ignore that?

Cite reliable sources if that’s what you believe is true, rather than being needlessly hostile, and violating the terms in the process.

That’s what I hear whenever folks start talking about just throwing in the towel and letting the southern states rot; it’s the whine of people who are afraid to do the hard work that needs to be done.


Violating what terms? I have threatened no one, I have insulted no one, I have not once even cursed.
Hear is one of many articles on the subject.
“47% of West Coast Dems, 66% of Southern Republicans Want to Secede From U.S.” 47% of West Coast Dems, 66% of Southern Republicans want to secede from U.S.

Well, there goes California.


66% of 1% of 42% = not much. Who gives a shit what they think? They are few, and we are many. Including the vast majority of GOP voters who don’t agree with the GOP “leaders” blocking policies like voters rights, infrastructure investment, etc. that 70% of GOP voters want.

Again, the worst thing we could do to them is to make them win fair elections. They would wilt.


and 100% of Republican leaders are cynical blowhards who ultimately just want to keep getting the benefits they get from the federal government while appealing to their base on cultural issues.

They’re not going to withdraw from the union and if they tried there would be a long ugly war and realistically there’s no way they’d win it. They’re just going to grift and exploit their populations like they’ve been doing… unless those of us who live here can stop them and to do that we cannot allow ourselves to be thought of as a landfill for assholes.


Indeed; whether some folks want to acknowledge it or not, the tides are shifting and that’s why the extremist right is flipping the fuck out - they are desperate to maintain their hegemony even as the socio-political landscapes shifts right beneath their very feet.

The real trick is surviving all this fuckery to get to the next stage of progress…


And an awful lot of minorities living in those states.

I guess screw them is the order of the day for some. Let the assholes do what they want to them as long as I’m safe?

How does that make us the good guys again?


See, here’s the thing; as a woman of color, I care about other marginalized and disenfranchised people, even if I don’t live where they do - because I understand that it’s all the same fight, and we are stronger fighting together against the bullshit than we are alone.


Right? I mean, you don’t have to read BoingBoing for very long before you encounter an article that reiterates the statistics that 60-70% of Republican voters support policies like voting rights, universal single-payer healthcare, higher taxes for billionaires and corporations - I mean, full one Bernie Sanders policies. Yet somehow the power of this teeny-tiny minority of the minority party is insurmountable - so much so that we have to give up a chunk of the country to them, and abandon tens of millions of vulnerable people - including the second-largest state by area, population, and economy - just to be less uncomfortable?

Fuck that. Not going to happen. All we have to do is level the playing field and those assholes are powerless.


What is your goal here?




From that link:

Why would we think Balkanization of our nation is inevitable when clearly the majority are not in favor? And even though these numbers are alarming and need to be addressed, the data analyst said,

“It probably makes sense to read these results more as statements of political identity (e.g., ‘I’m a proud Southerner and I don’t like Joe Biden!’) than as signs of actual intent,”


One should maybe note that there was a time the South did try to break away from the United States. It was entirely because not everyone was politically represented, and then the efforts of the people who were not…you know, the blacks…were a major part of why they failed.

The south is still home to the great majority of America’s black people, and they are still not politically represented properly thanks to efforts of the white supremacists. There are efforts to help fix that, and it would make this kind of nonsense disappear in short order.