Genderswapped 10th Doctor coat would look great as streetwear


$300 for a formal length woman’s coat isn’t as expensive as you think. Especially not one as well made as that one appears to be.


$300 is too much for a cosplay accessory? Uh, no, not really … especially not if it’s over 50% of the entire visible outfit. Add in that it’s wearable outside of the specific cosplay, and it’s definitely in the realm of reality.

In this specific instance, it’s both of the above, and a (presumably) decent-quality coat that can be worn as an everyday coat. Decent non-cosplay coats cost about that much (at least the men’s do - I haven’t shopped for women’s, but something tells me they’re not any cheaper). I’d consider this a pretty fair price.

Agreed. 300 bucks is a steal.

I’ve seen frock coats going for quite a bit more than that, and was still tempted, mainly because I’m such a fan of the second Doctor. Of course I’m also the sort of eccentric who’d also wear it as a regular coat.

I have the men’s version, which the GF got me for christmas a couple years back. Its just a fantastic trench coat, and actually quite reasonably priced if you ever price a good wool-blend coat.

And unlike a “normal” trenchcoat, you can unbutton the hidden buttons in the lower part which makes it good when you have to run to catch a flight.

Its also a reason why the only difference between my “DC in Winter” business attire and my “Dr Who Cosplay Outfit” is simply choice of shoes.


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