Genderswapped Sixth Doctor cosplay outfit


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I would wear this out of the house…oh wait…but where, lol? It’s a beautiful piece of work!


Anywhere you bloody well want, but it’s best saved for a special occasion. I used to think the Sixth Doctor’s outfit was too ridiculous for even the super cool Colin Baker to pull off (oh, how I wished he’d pull it off), but now I realize it was just on the wrong body.

Ah, Doctor, always ahead of the fashion world.


LOL, everywhere I go I try to make it a special occasion! But of course, due care would have to be taken; it’s obvious that a lot of care was put into the making of such a fine garment.


Hmmmm… Do want.

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Now THAT is exquisite! Perfectly conceived, beautifully executed.


looks better than Collin’s ever did!

Looks much better than I had imagined. (i often read boingboing through the bbs, so I see the headlines well before any pictures.)

I like this.

Didn’t much care for C Baker’s Doctor as I grew up with Davison. And stuck with Bonnie Langford as a companion! (although he got messed around something rotten by the Beeb).

In a word:



To me he was a wonderful doctor with a terrible costume, so no thanks. Between this costume, the worst set design and Sylvester McCoy having to share episodes with the execrable Hale and Pace, these were the low years…

How is it genderswapped? Do clothes actually have a gender?

Yeah, this is my coat rack. Is there a problem?

(I can’t find my SO’s tardis outfit ATM)


It has to do with buttons, apparently.

Apologies for the quality of the clip-- it’s not mine.

But in this case, it looks like the buttons are on the masculine side.

I made both myself and my sweetie Tom Baker scarves… they are long and awesome.

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Sure… no reason a dude couldn’t rock that as much as a lady.


The first thing I thought when I saw that dress was “damn…I’m a dude.” --but what if I wasn’t? Then there was this whole thing with me-as-a-girl dealing with my me-as-a-guy body image issues and that’s why even my dreams suck so…

Did I mention the dress is fantastic?


OK, I just might hit her up to see about my idea for a gender-swapped Nucky Thompson outfit. (DON’T STEAL MY IDEA GUYS.)

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