Generic 2016 US Election Cycle Recycling Bin


Bwaaaahahahahahahahah… :dizzy_face:

America, could you possibly suck any harder.


That bit of me that has always wanted to watch the world burn is maniacally giggling, the rest of me is experiencing schadenfreude seizures while repeatedly mumbling, “You could have voted for Bernie! You could have voted for Bernie!”


Everyone to the congressional voting both and vote third party, it’s the only option we have left!




As a Bernie supporter, let me point out that The Hill uses the latest Rasmussen Polling. This polling group skews right (all polls have a bias) and although it used to be considered a formidable poll, it’s reputation has tarnished somewhat since 2012. [Take a peek at the rankings of national polls that Nate Silver discusses for The NY Times.] (

All I’m saying is that I think it’s easy too early to put too much stock into polls, especially those that haven’t been as accurate as they once been.


Good day for Cruz today

Also Heidi Cruz had to publicly deny he was the Zodiac Killer, then Fiorina fell off the stage.

Also this.

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

“I was the perfect candidate. America had their chance with the perfect candidate.”

  • Michele Bachmann

(Sorry. That always makes me laugh.)


Well, we could vote for a guy that has public sex with pig heads. Or a guy whose party members can’t stop making anti-Semitic statements. Or a leader who thinks coal mines are the greatest things on earth and climate change is a fad Or Silvio Berlusconi.

I thought you were against TPP…isn’t that an issue where Trump beats Clinton?


Yeah sure, but come on, for a whole nation to be taken for a ride by that circus barker? Geez.


In response to Cruz apparently being unhappy that Trump linked his father to JFK’s assassination…

Stay classy, GOP.




Reminds me of the old Monopoly joke - “Hey, guys, I won second place in a beauty contest!” “Yeah, but you were the only participant.”


Oh joy.


Williams was only paying for access (which is generally legal)

I think I found the problem.



Seems like a depressingly good night for UKIP. Labour doing badly, especially in Scotland. But they should get the London Mayor back at least - sounds like Goldsmith ran a horribly racist campaign for the Tories.


The President already has. :wink:


Mitt Romney third party run? (or to arrange one for someone else?)

Couldn’t win as the Republican candidate, so I’m sure that would go well.


Fingers crossed!