Generic 2016 US Election Cycle Recycling Bin

Don’t you mean better choice? Because as history clearly shows, the GOP is all about being as vile as possible; in fact, continuing to push the boundaries of plausibility regarding how vile a human can be, let alone a human that people actually vote for.

Seen through this lens, Trump and the GOP even command a certain amount of grudging admiration.




C’mon, anyone who can make you continually revise how awful you expect them to be, is really making an effort.


Ok, that’s a good point. :slight_smile:


Effort does imply that it is intentional, and not simply the byproduct of some pathology.

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That’s my point; how could this shit be anything other than a deliberate attempt to be as awful as possible? We’re being trolled by the guys running the simulator.

It’s based on the accurate observation that “as awful as possible” is a reliable winning strategy within the GOP electorate. Republicans who tried to moderate their awfulness got primaried by the Tea Party.

Trump’s strategy isn’t based on winning over Democrats. He’s planning on getting out the base and trying to prevent anyone else from voting. The destruction of the Voting Rights Act made this possible.

United are ‘investigating’, apparently.

Bet they’re delighted with their employee putting them in this position.


Quite some time ago:

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I wonder how long till the secret service pays him a nice visit… probably not all that long.

We’re all part of the Matrix.

Unfortunately, the Architect grew up with 4chan.


Interesting article on the Beeb about Drumpf and the Amish.

If these forums are a bell-weather, that’s Three of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The fourth is reportedly en route.

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I finally got a chance to listen to last week’s This American Life. Doug Deason was an infuriating douche, but it was an amazing segment to listen to after Cracked’s interview with Chris Voss on negotiation. It speaks a lot to Trump’s low-brow brand of manipulation and the fanaticism of party politics.

Day 1 of the RNC and I can tell I’m going to have to cut back on my radio intake for the week. There’s only so much coverage I can take! Half a day and I already want to break things.


Somebody posted this in an io9 comment thread:

I’m kinda hoping he wins the Hugo after all, he’s freaking hilarious.


Holy hell, I can only hope these fucktards are trolling.



I haven’t read any of his books, but I love his twitter.


To be honest, I haven’t read his books either, but yes, his twitter is great, and I’m amazed at his reactions to the Hugos, Brexit… he’s obviously having a lot of fun with it.