Generic 2016 US Election Cycle Recycling Bin


To be honest, I haven’t read his books either, but yes, his twitter is great, and I’m amazed at his reactions to the Hugos, Brexit… he’s obviously having a lot of fun with it.


Well the shit show is starting out well



Twitter is invaluable to me right now, because if I listen to that stuff myself, I’ll be too angry to go to sleep.


Has anyone else noticed that a significant amount of the speakers were on reality tv at one point or another?

Antonio Sabato Jr, the Duck Dynasty dude, Charles in Charge… I mean seriously?

And Omarosa as an “African American Outreach” director?


The CANDIDATE was best known as a reality TV star at this point in the last election cycle.


I fear for my country.

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I know; and the only people he can pay get to speak on his behalf are OTHER HAS-BEEN REALITY TV CELEBRETARDS???

I’m so embarrassed of my nationality right about now.


Fair go. One of them was in Happy Days.He’s a has-been sit-com D-list celeb.


He was also more recently in Scott Baio is 45 & Single, & Scott Baio is 46 & Pregnant.

(Neither show revived his acting career.)

All these folks are people who seem utterly desperate to remain ‘relevant’, and it’s kind of repulsive to witness.

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We used to just have to worry about the revolving door between politicians and lobbyists. Now we have a revolving door between politicians and reality TV show hosts.


Indeed, and that’s what is so damn mortifying.


The US level of acceptance of fanaticism is truly frightening. No one should be so attached to a label, and the TEA Party took being a fan to a level maybe even a step beyond sports (maybe). Beck, Palin, Trump… they just stepped in and repeated the same brining noise the crowd made and charged them thousands for the privilege. I mean I got caught up in it in the 2000s, but the rabid obsessive cultish following that people can get is bizarre to me - whether it is reality TV stars playing politician, college sports fans defending sexual abuse of children (same for priests), or people betraying their beliefs on a candidate just to spite the other.


So was Cruz being honest or setting up 2020 expecting Trump to lose?


Both? But oh, boy; a lot booing


He has to know this hurts Trump. Not much, but the protesting of Trump at his first truly public display after clinching will have some impact. Not that Trump’s fans care since they literally just say everything is 4D chess no matter how stupid they sound.


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The Trump camp is spinning this as a good thing. They knew what Cruz was up to, but they figured it would solidify the party.


So much spinning!


Yeah, so much that I think that I need to throw up.