Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


Michigan voters, please take note:

So we’ve got another gentleman politician who will say the most ridiculous things he can find to justify his behavior, and seems to think we’re stupid enough to buy it… yet another candidate who thinks if he throws enough money at something, he can have it, because he wants it, so he must deserve it, and to hell with the little things like policies or obligations.



Well, that’s just perfect. And on the already crowded Republican side we have our do-nothing lieutenant governor and our craptastic AG. How shall we ever decide which scumbag to elect to finish grinding our state into the ground?


I honestly wish Michigan luck, but the voters up there seem to have committed themselves to the slowest mass suicide possible through public officials.


There’s also a whole lot of Gerrymandering keeping the slow suicide moving. There was a petition floating around at the beginning of the year to bring anti-Gerrymandering to the state ballot. I hope it got enough signatures.


They were trying that when I was living there, but the GOP still has their permanent lock on the state legislature. One day it might make the ballot, and it’s probably closer than ever.


Michigan voters, please note:

To make a long story short, back in 2010, Thanedar owned a pharmaceutical company that abruptly went under. One of their testing facilities held animals-- 118 beagles and over 50 macaque monkeys-- that were abandoned when the place closed. Thank god(dess) for the former employees who jumped the fence to feed and water them until they could be rescued! Of course, Thanedar claims no responsibility, saying the place had been seized by Bank of America and it was therefore their problem. No, he must be just another ignorant innocent, self-absorbed hard-working businessman with multiple failures, bankruptcies and lawsuits against him who wants to do his best for himself you as Michigan’s next governor.

Please keep that in mind when choosing your vote come the primaries.

(I sure am. I’m voting El-Sayed.)

Edited to correct spelling on macq-- macka-- type of monkey.


That’s all we need here in Michigan is another phony bill of goods governor. I’m not inclined to vote for the DNC’s favored candidate, so I’ll probably vote for El-Sayed, too.



@Nightflyer: Yeah, maybe not now. El-Sayed’s campaign has gotten way too aggressive. I am not, nor ever will be a member of a political party, yet I have received an unsolicited text and a cold call from this campaign. I know they’re exempt from the Do Not Call list, but I’ve never seen a campaign fail to respect it.

3rd party candidate, it is.


I can’t blame you. I’m not 100% in the El-Sayed camp, but he looks like an alternative to Whitmer and Thanedar. I’ll keep looking at the other primary candidates… though given they’ve done very little advertising, I’m not sure what chance they have to get the nomination.


More on Stacey Evans and her Becky bullshit…

Also, apparently Stacey Abrams used to own the Freaknik name? I’ve been trying to find confirmation of that, with no luck.


That article is some solid reporting.

(And, that Evans–what a monster!)


Indeed. But you know, the Root… just outrage fodder for brown people! :wink:

I find their writing to be solid. I really enjoy Michael Harrington who is caustic and quite funny.


Your entire state is off to a good start, Mindy.


I’m quite pumped about this. Cagle and Kemp are in a fun off for the GOP. I don’t know what she will need to do to win the redder parts of the state, but if every it was going to be possible to elect a black woman to the highest elected position in the state, this could be it.



Somebody shake the tree and fast.


Maybe it’s finally Vermin Supreme’s turn?



Comstock’s district is where the KKK have been terrorizing rural Virginia with threats for years now. Wexton needs to win this one. It’s going to be a tough fight. That Comstock won her primary today is not a good sign.