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USA Today Headline…

I’m not sure why this is pissing off so much.


The name of the paper shares billing with a top 10 list on a huge news day? That the name “Obamacare” being pushed by the media is a part of the problem with today’s politics? That it makes it sound like it’s Obamacare’s fault that the GOP can’t pass any legislation to remove it?


One to watch next year, GA’s 7th!



Business as usual in the US.


WaPo is paywalled, BTW.

The Democrats are not the vehicle to resist Trump; they’re too busy focusing on important issues like this:

If the TrumpGOP are to be stopped, it will have to be in the streets rather than at the ballot box. There isn’t going to be a real election in 2018.


I think they do the thing where you get so many visits per month before you hit the pay wall. Since it’s a poll they did with ABC, there might not be other options for looking at it.


Alabama primary election today to replace Sessions in the U. S. Senate. Here are some preliminary results with polls closed.

Alabama US Senate Republican Primary
Candidate Percent Votes
Roy S Moore (Republican) 39.4% 80,216
Luther Strange (Republican) 32.8% 66,808
Mo Brooks (Republican) 18.8% 38,275
Trip Pittman (Republican) 7.2% 14,604
Randy Brinson (Republican) 0.7% 1,486
Bryan Peeples (Republican) 0.4% 767
Mary Maxwell (Republican) 0.4% 720
James Beretta (Republican) 0.2% 485
Dom Gentile (Republican) 0.1% 300
Joseph F Breault (Republican) 0.1% 121
1225 of 2313 (53%) Precincts Reporting, 203,782 Total Votes

Alabama US Senate Democratic Primary
Candidate Percent Votes
Doug Jones (Democratic) 66.8% 55,559
Robert Kennedy, Jr (Democratic) 17.9% 14,896
Michael Hansen (Democratic) 6.3% 5,200
Will Boyd (Democratic) 4.6% 3,803
Jason Fisher (Democratic) 1.9% 1,620
Charles Nana (Democratic) 0.9% 743
Brian McGee (Democratic) 0.8% 682
Vann Caldwell (Democratic) 0.8% 631
1211 of 2313 (52%) Precincts Reporting, 83,134 Total Votes


The number of votes cast isn’t looking very good for the general election. Then again, they have open primaries. I suppose it’s possible there were spoiler votes in an effort to push for a runoff on the Republican side.


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Some more Roy Moore news, not of the good variety. Breitbart or somebody noticed the date and place of Roy Moore’s signature in the yearbook were added after the signature – reason unknown – and now that’s being used to call the accusation into question.


With Trump’s recent outrage directed at CNN for their reactions on Jr’s WikiLeaks story, I’m sure he’ll be directing his ire at Fox News any moment now for it’s incorrect reporting on his BFF Moore…




The lady doth protest too much, methinks.


This guy is seriously losing his grip on reality.




With Doug Jones on his way to the Senate, you might wonder who this person is. Here’s a longish interview that shows he’s still not Roy Moore (!!!). He’s a smart guy who knows the difference between being a pro and being a weirdo, and thankfully he’s going the pro route.


Not sure if this belongs here or in the #resist thread but here we go.


The Last Grasp of the Grand Old Party