Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


I think it was high for an off-year, special election. Those numbers are usually way lower than other elections.


IIRC it was high in early voting and then average on election day.


Sure, but overall, doesn’t that mean a higher turn out than usual?


I has heard wrong. Information is hard to find, but it was a record turnout for a special election. Turnout was between a presidential election volume and a congressional election.


Maybe you’re confusing it with the SC race, which had much lower turn out, partly because it wasn’t so hyped as this one?


From the NYT: "a possible omen, the first Democratic candidate to announce his campaign after the Georgia defeat immediately vowed not to support Ms. Pelosi for leader. Joe Cunningham, a South Carolina lawyer challenging Representative Mark Sanford, said Democrats needed “new leadership now.” I am inclined to think the same. Democrats have been playing softball for a longtime now. Pelosi needs to go. It’s a hardball world and she’s not up to it.


Always keeping it classy. (And I want to note that the use of the letter O instead of number 0 is extra awesome.)



The money spent one bothers me so much.

Handel spent less individual money than Ossoff (who had a huge swell of individual donations) by a lot; $5 million to $24 million. The GOP party and PACS spent $19 million compared to the DNC and PACs that spending $8 million. So the GOP not only spent more money than the DNC, Handel spent $4 for every $5 dollars Ossoff spent - not a crazy difference.


Oh but you see OssafOssoff spent more money (who cares that it came from donations), so that negates all else.


Here’s an interesting observation…


I guess. I mean nearly half of what he says is entirely about himself or other people like him, and that speech is one where he literally said he doesn’t want poor people in positions of power. I mean, that video at 2:25 immediately goes to Trump praising himself over his accomplishments after the criticism of the left was that they talk about Trump too much. It’s all a lot of hot air that is wrapping up a short memorable quote that their fans can sling out about Democrats that’s simply not true. It’s also ironic given that Trump and other GOP figures are still blaming Hillary Clinton for the ills of the country (not to mention Obama).

Hell, 5 minutes in they jump through hoops explaining how Trump is doing what is necessary by spending all his time out of Washington while they say Obama needed to be in Washington to run the country, and how he deserves to make things about himself more because he has reason to celebrate. It’s all hot garbage if you look at anything said critically at all.


If nothing else, I thought it was an interesting that it used to be that Obama was all ‘about us’ while the Republicans were all ‘about him.’ But seriously, how anyone can think that the Narcissist in Chief is about anything other than himself is astounding.


Ossoff, not Ossaf.



Huh. It’d be nice to hear from the other side.

As for not trusting Dem Party establishment insiders (assuming this guy is one), well, there’s plenty of reason for that.


Die-hard Bernie-or-nothing Democrats will kill the party faster than anything else.


How big are they, really, in proportion to Sanders supporters?

Funny how certain quarters pay so much more attention to them than they do to the majority of his supporters (let alone to Sanders himself, and what he says).


I can’t even with this asshole:

Seriously, he needs to go… something.


…experience how the people he actually represents live?