Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


Yep. Amazing what a non-story voter suppression is in the U.S. Not only does the corporate media seem to think it’s a forbidden topic, most people (especially white people) seem to think such a thing “could NEVER happen here. That’s for dictatorships, or like, developing countries!”

As for the efforts to fuck up the census, it’s another example of how republicans think ahead. While the ideas they propagate are simplistic, their strategies for gaining power are ruthless, constant, and effective.




“Well, I’ve never had a problem voting!” Yeah, me neither, isn’t it nice? But I can see that it’s happening to other people.


The power elite moving to defend their position, as always.


This is the platform the DNC could run with an dominate.


For those not quite motivated to click, the “better way” is Instant Runoff.


“The behavior we are now seeing was always present but it was sort of subordinated to real estate interests” H. Clinton

F’ing sleazy real estate developer is running our country. It’s still just too hard to comprehend.


Apparently former NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous is running for governor of Maryland?


Doesn’t sound like the usual “admits no wrongdoing” corporate settlement.



If you wait for the midterms, we’re all fucked. Democratic solutions are being rapidly neutered.

You need people in the street, for as long as it takes, en masse, now.


And local conservatives claim he made it all up, the outlandish story of “received emailed threats, and had a guy throw a soda at him at his house calling him a ‘liberal scumbag.’”


Happy Jon Ossoff Day

/me crosses fingers behind back


Neck in neck so far.


SC is closer than previously thought too.



It was virtually guaranteed, but still disappointing. And turnout was not high like people want to claim - it was OK Turnout was excellent***, but many non-Americans would consider it abysmal.

*for a special election
**when compared to other US elections in the district


It’s OK. I can take it.

/me falls to the ground writhing


plus the TGOP had to work to keep the bitch in power. And I’m pretty sure she is going to be watched and if she starts screwing people over (which shouldn’t take long), then there will be blowback.