Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


How’d that work out for Palin?


Under normal circumstances his refusal to investigate the mountain of ugliness that 45 came into office with would be a scandal in its own right, but we’re so many light years away from normal circumstances now that we’re in a whole other observable universe.

I’m personally partial to the idea that he ran in 2016 assuming he’d get to hammer on Hilary’s emails for another 4 years, but now that he doesn’t actually have a powerful Democrat to “investigate”, he’s just bored stiff.

Well enough (at first) that I guess Chaffetz is willing to give it the old college try, apparently:


Enough of this public service noise. SHOW ME THE MONAY!



Yeah that was pretty awful.


As much as I love Bernie, I feel he’s wrong here. IMHO, you can’t be progressive without supporting the rights of women to determine the course of our own lives. SMDH


WTF is this, I have no idea


It’s a series of bad photos of leaders (and Zuckerberg) going back decades, but I’m really not sure what the message is.


More of an effect than a message? Something like the minor shock of incongruity.


Having look at it again and Tweeted replies, I guess it’s similarity of expression. I thought at first it was something having to do with Zuck + Hillary meeting up.


If people are tallying good targets in 2018, here’s a good one from New Hampsire:

Bonus points for running as a Democrat in 2012 and losing, only to switch parties after hanging out on his own shitty reddit for a while. Ran on anti-Obamacare and “bringing justice back to family court.”


Where have I heard this argument before?

Idaho GOP Congressjerk: "Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care"

From the mouth of every Republican ever?


Usually they’re blaming Those People for, like, crime or poverty or something.

Blaming them for our shitty health care system seems like a new one.

They only have one talking point for why we’re not allowed to compare America to other countries. Dude got caught off guard and couldn’t think of anything plausible.


Why does the media pay five seconds of attention to Former Rep Joe Walsh?

He’s not a lawmaker. He’s just a Alex Jones -level crackpot who likes to issue veiled death threats.


Better question, why is he on cable news as a guest?


Quite honestly, I think it’s because he doesn’t look like a terrifying creep (i.e., Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon) and gives good soundbites.


His Maserati does 185. He lost his license, now he don’t drive.


Plutocracy is literally killing the American working class.