Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


Georgia 6th closer to a clear win than I ever thought it would be.


I was quite surprised. And it seems like Karen Handel isn’t really that inspiring for many people.

But frankly, I’m sort of underwhelmed by Ossoff… at least from his advertisements. so bland, much wow. I still hope he wins, though.


Do the Dems actually have a message folks can get on board with down there? Because I haven’t heard a peep of resonance. Seriously thinking the Dems in my district have left for perma vacations with no plans in place, no message and no leadership. It’s a miracle this guy got as many votes as he did. Wish him the best.


From the commercials I saw, it seemed it was all “I’ll work across the aisle, corruption in congress bad, I hang out in places where there are women and people of color, etc.” This particular district has a history of being conservative, so I guess I get it, but honestly, I’m sort of sick of these safe tactics, when there is a hunger and a need for something more substantial out there. Bernie resonated for a reason, and the middle of the road Dems just don’t get that.


This still rings hollow to me when the winner of the GOP field literally wants to remove spousal privileges from LGBT couples. The woman is a stereotype of the opposition and having a young nice seeming boring guy in congress with a political background focused on targeting corruption seems like a good thing.

Yeah, he is a bit milquetoast but he is doing the important things Sanders does - reaching out to individuals and spending his time addressing their personal stories. I think he has a lot of potential. I don’t have proof but I doubt Sanders was what he is now to the public in 1971.




He doesn’t have any Democrats to investigate anymore. His job is done.




That’s cute. He’ll be long forgotten by then.


The long and short of it is that he can’t afford a loss in 2018 with his plans. If he has a Chaffetz presidential bid in 2028 in mind then he is avoiding an embarrassing removal from Congress in order to run for governor and taking that route.

The original rumored plan pre-announcement was for a senate bid in 2018 and a 2020 run based on the rumors.


I’m down with him and hope he wins. Clearly the alternative is a nope. But that doesn’t mean that the Dems aren’t doing the same things they’ve been doing and ignoring what could be a larger, more well established base. They keep on with this at their and our peril.


I don’t disagree.


I wonder how “I quit early” will play in his next run for political office…


I smell a soon-to-be-unearthed scandal.


How’d that work out for Palin?


Under normal circumstances his refusal to investigate the mountain of ugliness that 45 came into office with would be a scandal in its own right, but we’re so many light years away from normal circumstances now that we’re in a whole other observable universe.

I’m personally partial to the idea that he ran in 2016 assuming he’d get to hammer on Hilary’s emails for another 4 years, but now that he doesn’t actually have a powerful Democrat to “investigate”, he’s just bored stiff.

Well enough (at first) that I guess Chaffetz is willing to give it the old college try, apparently:


Enough of this public service noise. SHOW ME THE MONAY!



Yeah that was pretty awful.


As much as I love Bernie, I feel he’s wrong here. IMHO, you can’t be progressive without supporting the rights of women to determine the course of our own lives. SMDH