Generic 2018 U.S. Election Cycle Recycling Bin


I suspect that this is more low-level trolling/dog whistling.

It’s (almost) the days to the inauguration. But got the response (on both sides) that she’d want.


I would expect nothing less from Ann Coulter. Anything less then that tweet is below rock bottom.


At least they decided to all dance out into the spotlight immediately. Not that literally anyone that voted Trump or that didn’t vote is paying attention.



Shocking only morons, Trump is anti-family and draws a hard line on worker’s rights issues using the bare legal minimum as precedence. It’s not like he gives special privilege to anyone he isn’t actively seeking favors from.



Can we assume she’s openly admitting to being a Nazi, now, as opposed to just joking around about it?


I spent ages rechecking the words until I finally figured it out. Ironically, if he hadn’t specifically said “typo,” I think I would have found it much easier to catch.


Spoiler: TRUE




When your hometown doesn’t vote for you, shouldn’t that be a red flag?

cf. 1984: Mondale won ONLY Minnesota


Wikileaks now against leaks (and, sweetly, thinks that Trump reads intelligence briefings)

Meanwhile Herr Trumpenfuhrer is starting fights with Schwarzenegger (and losing) evidently pleased that people don’t want to watch a program he’s the executive producer of.

(and continuing to lie about paying for walls that will never be built).




It’s not that it will never be built, it’s that it will never be built without Republican congress opening their wallets.

Because, you know, that’s how it works - we pay for it and then bully other countries who don’t want it and didn’t benefit from it to pay for it. This is going to blow up for Trump badly since he courted TEA Party Reagan fans and evangelicals with a magical wall that will spring from the ground.


Speaking of tweets:


What is this magic “appropriations process” he speaks of that can make $18 billion dollars appear without it being paid for by taxpayers?


It’s almost like he lied about everything or something.


So Breitbart is claiming that this was Trump’s promise all along, and that the funds for the wall have been sitting in a vault since Reagan and later Bush first wanted to build a wall (it is always back to Reagan isn’t it).

Though the comments are continuing to be much more mixed in their responses:


WikiLeaks Proposes Doxxing Database

…Am I misreading that, or are they threatening to dox pretty much everyone with a checkmark next to their name?