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CIA, FBI, NSA: “You’ve got a nice life, Mr. President-Elect. It’d be a shame if anything were to… happen to it.”


This is what Wikileaks started doing (this election as far as I can tell) that is infuriating to me. This post is highlighting a Podesta email talking about a leaks from a staffer to the Washington Post story.

The WaPo story:


I just listened to the Sanders interview on the Rachel Maddow show.

When she finished with “hoping to make sort of a standing date with Senator Sanders in the months ahead” I couldn’t help but shout at my phone: why the fuck didn’t you do that during the primary!?

Maddow’s lack of support for the first real leftist contender in her lifetime was disappointing.


I can’t read the WSJ source, so this is the best I can do.


If he’s that big of a conspiracy theory fool, he likely believes that the CIA murdered JFK, and is paranoid he’ll meet the same fate.


Up until a few months ago, he was still saying that Ted Cruz’ dad helped Oswald kill JFK.


They fixed it (online, at least) but jeez.


This story is making its way around social media today; so far it seems that the Alternet story is the one all other news outlets are pointing to, so it’s pretty BS-y. Still, here you go.


Does anyone else feel like all of the wheels are about to fall off of this ride at once?


The chance of that leading to anything is zero.


Oh, agreed. But the story’d been showing up a lot today, so it was worth mentioning, at least.



From the article:

As of late Wednesday, Clayton thought there would be House members willing to object to certifying the Electoral College vote, but he was less certain about finding a senator willing to go along.

Could it be…


Oh, I’m not going to kid myself. I agree with @daneel; this will go nowhere. I do wish there were enough politicians who had the balls to run with this. But at this point I think we’re stuck with the Kleptocrat-In-Charge.


I’ve ranted here before about how voting machines are an obviously dangerous and totally unnecessary thing.

It seems that I’m not alone in this:




Ah, so now we understand why Trump wants the names of the employees who attended climate change conferences!



14 what?


14 words of David Duke.