Gentleman attempts to use rattlesnake as weapon


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What not to say to a fellow criminal during a dispute over stolen valuables:

“Hey, give me that diamond back!”


Derivative. Tarantino did it already in Kill Bill vol 2.


Must have been a high level Slythern. Ssssthshhhthissslllll


Bah. Wodehouse, 1914. Cobra down the chimney.



I haven’t read the article, but I suppose it starts with “Florida man…”



“I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!”
(uttered after a session of integral calculations in Euclidean geometry)


Conan Doyle, 1892. Swamp adder through an air vent.


Cleopatra, suicide by asp, 30BC.



Is something wrong with this quote? I just keep reading it over and over again, victim attempted to use a venomous snake to kill or injure his victim. I don’t understand, who was the victim?

Is he the victim?


What went wrong? did the target have a bigger snake?


Or the wannabe attacker forgot to flip the snake’s safety.


Are we certain that he wasn’t a drow priestess?


I guess he does have a bit of a “Snake” look about him, though Kurt Russell definitely did a better job managing that hair.


As opposed to gentleman Larry of Oracle of California, who has turned Java into malware for installing other malware.

I was just watching a presentation in front of a large crowd where the presenter needed java to run his presentation and under time pressure unwittingly installed yahoo toolbar. On the huge projector for all to see. Oh the shame.


I’ll see your snake reference and raise you a poster.


Everybody take a Franklenator


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