Gentleman eats 203 Chips Ahoy cookies in 27 minutes


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Even eating a couple of those things is too much for me.
They’re not cookies.
They’re circular, crunchy, chocolate chip delivery systems.


But, why?


Maybe he wanted to revive the historically metaphorical “shitting bricks” phrase in a more literal context? :thinking:


A gentleman eats cookies with a knife and fork.




So what are the ethics and mechanics of binge eating records like this? In other words, how long does he have to hold those cookies down and still keep the record?


Where is 40 minute follow up video of the dump this guy takes the next day?


As soon as the clock stops i believe. He can puke right after if he wants, as long as they “cross their finish line” so to speak they can pass out, puke, whatever.

Hardly an official link but this seemed reasonable of a discussion:


He’s a well known competitive eater. I’ve seen him at the Coney Island hot dog challenge every 4th of July. I suppose his youtube channel is a way to augment his income.


Well I guess we all need hobbies.


The human body is truly amazing to survive that assault. For his sake, I hope he got rid of that mess before his digestive tract attempted to deal with it…


Just another day in America.


Nah, that would somehow involve shooting the cookies.


Gentleman eats 203 Chips Ahoy cookies in 27 minutes

Don’t miss the outtake reel “Gentleman tosses 203 Chips Ahoy cookies in 2 minutes”


Why? Just, why?


Personally I’d rather some kinda bi-athalon of competitive cookie eating and target shooting.

As for this 203 cookies in 27 minutes, since Chips Ahoy are small and last I checked they were kosher, I might be able to do this but I’d skip the milk.


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