Gentleman on EasyJet flight began eating his phone, forced landing

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If you are on strong painkillers why the fuck would you add booze to that mix? Seriously? I mean are you not feeling good enough already?
I actually asked my doc about drinking when I got prescribed meds for my blood pressure. Somewhat jokingly but also cause if there is a time frame I should avoid things to let the drugs process I would like to be aware of it.


I like a snack now and again, but not my Galaxy 10, I need that I’m told to be a functioning adult…

@TobinL I’ll drink to that!


“The battery was discarded onto a a seat and as a result it began to heat up and began smouldering.”
Cabin crew reacted swiftly to the “potential of fire” on board the plane and “scooped the battery up and placed it in a cup of water to cool it down”.

Oh yeah, that’s what lithium fires love: water.


Drinkers gonna drink.

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Was recently on a flight from SFO to Melbourne and the guy next to us tried to light up some sort of drugs. Crew took lighter form him and moved a bunch of people away from him. On landing he had changed cloths and walked out ahead of us, apparently thats ok now.

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That is actually the instructions for lipo fires on planes. Water, Cola, whatever. In lipo batteries most of the fire is gasses and plastics; water displaces/drowns the gasses, extinguishes the flames, and drops the temperature enough to crash a chain-reaction.

You can overwhelm the chain reaction, and the FAA recommend you do so. They actually rate water as more effective than halon for this, because water works against the thermal runaway, and gasses/powder don’t.

To see just how much the FAA (and powerpoint) can suck the fun out of a fire,


Coming soon to a pharmatheutical ad near you:

“taking Zxyfluqxia may cause drowsiness and a desire to eat your phone…”


I know airline food is bad, but dude, really?


I guess we know what OS his phone was running:

Doctors really need to be more upfront. And we need a new class of painkillers.

‘You can have painkillers but they are combined with a drug that will make you throw up if you drink alcohol. Or you can drink alcohol to dull the pain. But not both. Make a choice now before I buzz for the next patient’

Seriously, WTF is it with fuckwits who ignore the warnings? Oh, sorry, of course … they’re FUCKWITS.

And I have never understood why flying seems to be a perfectly well-accepted excuse for otherwise apparently relatively civilised people to get out of their skulls on alcohol. Here’s a thought - all alcohol on planes should be illegal. And at airports.


Agreed. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that this ‘gentleman’ was on painkillers but still went straight to the airport bar because that’s just What People Do; it’s a standard part of the holiday experience.

The bars at Manchester (my ‘local’ airport; I’ve been on this exact Iceland route at least twice) open at 04:00. I’m barely able to stomach tea at that time…


Like nobody here has started eating their phone mid-flight. Hypocrites the lot of you.


What’s that they say about an Apple a day?


Is that a long black memory stick ya got there? :wink:


Because so many such warnings turn out to be entirely bogus, most of the time?


Friendly reminder that intoxication doesn’t transform anyone into aggro racist assholes. It disinhibits people who are already aggro racist assholes.


(Sighs and rolls eyes.)

Warnings of things that may happen but do not do not mean that when they do not happen they would never have.

You MAY get run over if you cross a road with your eyes shut. If you do so and do not get run over that does not mean the warning was bogus.

People who ignore such warnings in circumstances where the risks if they do happen are more severe, like drinking when flying and taking painkillers or shutting their eyes when crossing roads are, as I say, fuckwits.

And this is the second such incident we’ve seen recently. That woman who tried to open a plane door? Same modus operandi. Both are fuckwits.

So this guy was already a closeted phone eater? Expensive habit. :wink:


Not a defence that worked for Chloe Haynes, the Scots do have a different judicial system but he was also endangering fellow passengers.