Gentleman scolds woman for not paying attention to Trump


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Man scolded for not getting the Boing Boing newsletter.


She was looking through her book of spells, and that asshole is getting his now.


That woman sure went to a lot of trouble to not listen to Donald Trump.


She’s a fucking hero. Daaaaaaaaaamn.


What book is she reading?

What we need is a set of books with well-known covers which can be taken to meetings by those who wish to demonstrate their studied lack of support.


She is reading “CITIZEN” by Claudia Rankine, poetry and essays on racism.


so can we assume she is making a point? perhaps she was told she had to be up on stage to be POC filler but didn’t like the guy


Cut the poor guy some slack. I don’t think he was scolding her. As a typical Trump supporter, he was most likely just asking her what that thing she was holding was.


A pair of oversized ear muffs might have been a nice addition.


She was [edit: NOT] paid to sit there. [edit - not joking]
No one said anything about listening. [edit - likely]

[further edit] - she was at the Trump event to see a presidential candidate and was seated in the V.I.P. area to presumedly appear in the background. There was an incident that turned her off to Trump the candidate, but she was kind of stuck in that chair, so she decided to protest by reading her book.

She’s interviewed here:


He put his hand on her shoulder, like she was a young child who needed to pay attention to the grownups.

My guess is she was trying to hide her identity.

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I’ve read that book! It’s excellent, and in different ways, depending on who’s reading it.

I’m dying to know what she said to that nosy old busy-body…


“Hey, pay attention, this is impo—…”

“Touch me again, I’ll rip your fucking hand off and replace your tiny dick with it.”


Ha ha, perfect!


Citizen is seriously the best book about America in a really long time, a textual antidote to Trump’s brand of, well, everything. She’s more dynamiting the metaphorical stage than making a point.


1.) He’s probably aware that it looks bad on TV that someone in Trump’s crowd is not hanging on every word he says,

2.) but really, what is the Donald saying that she probably hasn’t heard already? Is this rally the one where he finally gives us the details on how he is going to “make America great again”?


Wait, what the hell? She was reading while a white man was speaking?


That was enjoyable on so many levels… the irony… the complete indifference to Trump… the way she told the guy where his opinion would fit…


Yep! Not to mention the particular book she’s reading.