Gentleman who drank wine at Capitol riot learns mid-interview he's now running for wrong political seat

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Jason “the Riddler” Riddle

Riddler: Riddle me this, Batman! What kind of Custard is going to get her just desserts?

Batman: You mean Kuster?

Riddler: Oh, is that how she spells her name? Well, at any rate she’d better mind the STATE of her HOUSE next year because she’s in for quite a CHALLENGE.

Batman: She doesn’t work at the State House. She’s a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Riddler: Well shoot.

Batman: I can see you’re not very good at this. How about we just skip to the part where I punch you in the face?


The New Hampshire State House has 400 members representing about 3300 people each. It is majority republican, and in the republican districts they will practically vote for a chia pet if it has an R after its name. This clown might actually stand a chance.


“Despite my ongoing legal problems I’m supposed to live my life how I wanna live it.”

News flash: your “ongoing legal problems” are a result of you “living your life how you wanted to.”

Keene is home to a state college, and near VT border and the very liberal burg of Brattleboro VT, so it’s perhaps atypical for the state. I’ve spent some time there and it’s a bit crunchier than the more rural parts of the state. That said, he could still win, stranger things have happened in the last few years.


The problem is, he’s not sure which one?

Looks like he solved our problem for himself. Again…



If this fairly stable genius would by chance make it to the US house ole Louie Gohmert may have some competition for the dumbest member of congress.


So, growing up in Illinois, I remember having to pass a test in eighth grade on the United States and Illinois constitutions. They made a big deal out of it: “You can’t pass eighth grade until you pass this test!” I learned all about the branches of government, the difference between the federal and state governments, and so on.

Do other states not have that educational requirement? Or (gasp!) did they lie to me about not being able to pass 8th grade without knowing the constitution?

(Or, more likely, most people don’t remember stuff they learned in 8th grade. As for me, I found it so fascinating I toyed with law school as a possible career path.)


We can laugh at him all we want.

His blatant ignorance is far from disqualifying (to the people who will vote for him).

They’ll just say “Hell, I don’t know whether the woman he’s running against is a State Representative or in the Congress. That makes him very relatable! I want someone like him in the Statehouse or Congress or whichever it is.”


Yeah, and I guess in Republican politics it doesn’t matter what the heck you’re running for.

It really doesn’t. The point is to get noticed by the party’s talent scouting system (one totally absent on the other side of the aisle) and reap the rewards of funding and support offered by right-wing sugar daddies. No office is too small, nor does it have to be particularly well-defined. Now that the GOP is fully into death-cult territory, this dope’s lizard-brain instinct that he has a chance isn’t wrong.


They just cram and forget. Most grown ass adults I meet don’t know what a state representative is. They think it’s the representative from their state, and aren’t sure how that’s different from a senator.


That is a very high bar.

Still, you gotta chase the dream.


so… He’s on video participating in the insurrection. He obviously can be located for an interview.

Why is this jackhole not behind bars?


He wants to deny a lady a seat and he doesn’t care where she’s sitting.

Nothing says potential Republican poliitical candidate like having no idea how govenment works.
He’s a shoe-in. /s


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