George Santos will likely spend 1.5 to 3 years in prison, says lawyer

Is “serial fabulist” the new “stand-up philosopher”?

I love Bea Arthur’s vnemployment agent.


As with many on the right, a strong advocate of Brandolini’s Law, aka the ‘Bullshit Assymetry Principle’:


Merriam Webster includes programmatically compiled “Recent Examples on the Web” for their entries, and all of the examples above the fold are about Santos:

I’m also amused that the current Word of the Day seems appropriate for this discussion as well.


below the fold, they mention Alex Jones as a fabulist. :face_vomiting:


From here on out we should accept only the word “liar” in articles about political liars. Acceptable modifiers include “fucking liar”, “piece of shit liar”, and even “big fat liar”.

An article may use synonyms that carry negative connotations, such as bullshit, mendacious, prevaricator, phony, etc., but only following an opening sentence or headline containing the word liar.

Perjury is acceptable as a description of legal action, but the act itself must be described as lying. For example you must open with “Trump lied”, not “Trump perjured himself”. It will be acceptable to lead with “Trump found guilty of perjury”, when that happens.

Always unacceptable terms include fabulist, alternative facts, stretching the truth, straining credulity, construction, story telling, or other soft phrases that don’t have a primary negative stigma.

Any author who doesn’t use the word liar first will have their picture placed in a “Liar’s Hall of Shame brought to you by Fox News.”


BS is slightly different from a lie, but only insofar as the individual cares about the truth. So agreed, call a liar a liar and a lie a lie.


Another fun word that can be used is perjurious


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