George Takei: "They interned my family. Don’t let them do it to Muslims."


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My deepest apologies, it has to be said.


One of the worst parts of all this is my expectation that when it comes time for Congress to stand up and deliver their best, “Have you no decency, sir” line, there won’t be anyone left with enough integrity or honor to do so.


First they came for the Muslims and we said, “Not this time, motherfucker.”

Not original, much as I wished it were. But if they do start a registry, $HERSELF and I will join the line.


no way, I don’t even like 2016.


I can clearly imagine how people felt in Germany watching Hitler and his cronies rise to power.


I’m looking forward to all the kids named variations of
Mohammed’); DROP TABLE enemies;
being added though.


That George Takei, always with his fantastical “ghost stories” to scare us. Right, @Max_Blancke?


I’m ready to fight. Never again.


Saying i’m horrified just doesn’t properly describe the emotions i’m feeling. It’s a mix of existential dread + pissed off + deeply disappointed. There’s got to be a German word for this.


But America was great then. Right?
We can do it again!


I can’t remember where i had heard it used… some podcast or youtube video… but when people reminisce about the good old days and says they want to Make America Great Again we should ask When was it great?. If you look at the past America has had constant issues in politics, civil liberties, social and economic problems, wars, etc since its founding. America now is better than it was 20 years ago or 200 years ago and it is still a country that is constantly changing and improving.
We don’t need to make America great again, we need to better than yesterday or any time past.



Should always be challenged with a question like




Likewise :smiling_imp:




And yet every one of them claim to be “Christian”

Makes me wonder how hard God is shaking his/her head.


I have faith in Bernie’s stubborn Jewish integrity.


Pretty sure he is going to be one of the first in line to “register” if something this evil passes.


A scene from one of the movies that broke the Hollywood blacklist*:

[* another shameful “this could never happen here” episode from American history]