German health minister remarks this winter "everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead"

He might be right (or not) but I’m not going to upvote someone who counts Richard Grenell among his friends.


“Now, in the morning you’ll be good as new. Or dead! But the important thing is: we’ll know!”
–Dr. Nick Riviera


A chemical scientist from Australia that I follow (she’s been posted about here before - Lab Muffin) this week randomly went off on Weleda and the Steiner movement in Germany (known for the Waldorf School concept but also anti-vax and way into homeopathy). They are apparently run a number of hospitals in Germany and treat Covid patients with stuff like ginger chest compresses, meteorite dust and homeopathy. It seems to be a more widespread philosophy there than one would expect. There’s an article on it on the Guardian. Weird stuff.


The Steiner movement are quacks of the highest order with crazy ideas and Steiner’s philosophy had quite a bit of racism in it but their greatest crimes are against typography.

(That said, they do make the best organic produce. Yes, they harvest it following lunar cycles or whatever but it’s still good, because they also follow really strict organic rules)


Uh… no. Covid-19 (delta) is on fire in Germany, and it’s gonna get us all. I for myself prefer to encounter it vaccinated, but some 13m adults don’t worry and just party on.


Many still-unvaccinated people will get infected by this winter, and of those people a large number will die preventable deaths.

But some number of unvaccinated Germans will manage make it to Spring without getting infected. And those Germans will trust the health experts even less if the experts have announced such a feat to be impossible (which it isn’t) rather than highly inadvisable (which it absolutely is).


OK, the minister might be cynical, but THIS is bleak now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Must admit I haven’t gone much into the context here, but at face value that statement isn’t a great thing to say when there are kids listening.

I think it’s probably hard for government health ministers to live by the “never say anything that would scare children” rule. There are real life health problems that are actually bad an adults need to know about them.


The context is that people are getting fed up with those not wanting the vaccine, and insist upon keeping testing open as a way to visit night clubs, bars, and so on. So Jens basically replaced getestet (“tested”) with gestorben (“dead”) as a dark joke about how it won’t matter because one way or another, everyone will have antibodies. And those that don’t, well, they will be pushing up daisies.

Good. Scare those whiny little malcontents, if it will save lives.

Oh, and fuck those sportsball millionaires who got caught with fake vaccination passes. Bunch of whiny spoiled brats who feel rules don’t apply to them.


:100: agreed!!


Same shit as here…


Possibly, but here in the U.K., it’s the case in hospitals now that pretty much everyone who’s been taken into hospital with Covid complications haven’t been vaccinated. We have over 16million people who’ve had their booster jab, I think that included over-12’s.
The current number of new cases is high, certainly, but nothing like as high as earlier in the year. Most people are sensible and wear masks in shops, etc, I’ve not seen anyone kick off about their freedom being curtailed, fortunately.


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