Ghost hunters burn down mansion


Who ya gonna call? Hopefully not an arsonist!


Well, if it wasn’t haunted before…


Won’t somebody think of the poor ghosts? Who is going to rehouse them?


The best way to authenticate the presence of ghosts is to be hammered out for your head, amirite? No imagination playing tricks on you in such circumstances.


Borley Rectory burned in 1939, but there are still reports of ghostly happenings there. Apparently it takes more than a little thing like fire to displace revenants.


You’d think the ghosts would “recreate” the building. It was beautiful.


Tragic historical loss, and it may be a bit gauche of me to point this out, but…

Search for a recent image of the pre-burned LeBeau mansion and you’ll see that the good folks of Louisiana hadn’t been doing such a swell job of landmark preservation lately–and from the looks of it, by “lately” I mean over the past fifty years or so (of course, it may have taken a hit more recently than that from Katrina, I dunno).

These stoners might have thought they were doing the neighborhood a favor by torching the old dump.


That may be beyond their power. Also there are stories that the hauntings at Borley Rectory began when a priest and nun secretly fell in love. They were discovered and punished by being buried alive in separate tombs.

If I believed in ghosts I’d believe unhappy spirits might not want anything standing over the site of their earthly end.

If I believed in ghosts, they would have had revenge on those who buried them alive.

Why are we blaming the hunters?
Isn’t it at least as plausible that the ghosts started the blaze in order to rid themselves of the pesky intruders?

As a side benefit to our ectoplasmic arsonists, the police would never believe the truth (imagine that!), and the punishment would fall on the ghost hunters for a double whammy (as it were).


Are we sure this isn’t just an episode of Scooby Doo?


Or Shadow Chasers. Benny always liked mind-altering experimentation.

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Alternatively, it was demonic fire resulting from the conclusion of an intricate ritual that sealed the Hellmouth beneath that threatened to unleash Armageddon upon the Earth, and the efforts of these noble heroes will never be known! Or something.

Wasn’t there a post some weeks ago about a man who set fire to his apartment because he was posessed by a demon?

Are we sure it actually burned down and didn’t just implode into another dimension?

I love how the media has run with the stoner angle just cuz some cop put his suspicion in the report. Crazy hop heads, only they would be lighting things on fire and have it get out of control. They should plead reefer madness.

I think the term is “Meddling Kids!”

If anything is, this is the true danger of marijuana. It won’t hurt you outright, but it makes you willing to do really stupid shit, and then fires break out, or people fall off rooftops, or they try to cut rock-hard forgotten-in-the-oven “brownies” and sever a finger, or they pile into the car to go swerving off for a midnight snack, or whatever.

It’s a shame about the derelict house, but at least it was an abandoned building rather than, say, a crowded apartment building, or a location close enough to other buildings to allow the flames to spread.

Of course it could have just as easily been a combination of booze & cigarettes.

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