"Ghosting" is so popular that it's now a Halloween costume

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RSVP parties and then don’t show. So meta, much punnage.


I found this so profoundly un-funny I had a hard time liking the post.

For non-millennials “ghosting” was a problem caused by unterminated coaxial cables, tropospheric propagation and reflected signal by nearby object not sufficetly attenuated.


My take: Halloween costumes eerily reflect unsurprisingly pilfer from what’s really hot in arbitrary elements of pop culture.

I believe it’s incorrect to claim that “ghosting” is now a Halloween costume because it is “so popular”. “Ghosting” is now a Halloween costume because ghosts are cliché Halloween costumes, and “ghosting” comes from the word “ghost”, and Halloween costume manufacturer’s are motivated to make “funny” costumes, so they made a costume that is more-or-less a pun, because they believe costumes of this nature (“funny” but not actually funny) sell well.

It’s just terrible practice to assume the “hotness” or popularity of some phenomenon from the existence of a halloween costume depicting that phenomenon. Costume companies aren’t developing costumes based on phenomena because those phenomena are “popular”; they’re motivated by profit, not some bizarre desire to “eerily reflect what’s really hot in pop culture.” Black Lives Matter is hot in pop culture—where’s the BLM costume? Opioid pills are popular: where are all the Percocet costumes? These companies make costumes that are cheap to conceive and produce, and that will sell—like jokey, pun costumes, e.g. “ghosting”.

If you are actually interested in finding out whether some phenomenon is popular (or are interested in having your facts straight before making the claim that some phenomenon is popular), don’t rely on costume manufacturers, rely on pollsters and statisticians.


Of course it’s a “sexy” costume.


Also, it’s “sexy” ghosting… yay.

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That’s a big assumption. The evidence shows that somebody made one of this costume. A model wore it, and was photographed. We may or may not ever see a second one.

Also, skimpy? It’s wrong to shame women for their fashion choices, except when there’s comedy at stake, at which point the Taliban come roaring back slapping the Scarlet Letter on anybody whose ankles show. Good thing she wasn’t caught wearing shorts!

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There is no excuse for ghosting, whether in dating or the workplace

Absolute advice like this kind of rubs me the wrong way.


I’m a Millennial and ghosting is still a present issue with bad laser print quality. I solved it by getting a new drum. Of course, my printer also stopped returning my texts months ago.


Oh FFS…enough with the “Sexy Whatever” costumes. They’re stupid, unoriginal, and boring.

“I’m an angel!” no, you’re just in your underwear

Exactly, there is no excuse for absolute advice, whether in dating or the workplace. :wink:


How about enough already with adults in Halloween costumes? The function of the holiday is to reinforce antagonism between kids and adults in a neighborhood. Adults should stick to clothing appropriate for the job of cleaning TP out of their trees.


Oh, I dunno; ‘don’t be an inconsiderate asshole’ seems like a reasonable enough standard, regardless whether it’s business or pleasure…


Oh yes, I don’t condone being rude.

Just amused by the absolute advice to never give absolute advice.


You should have read what it said before the edit.



I just broke into a nervous sweat. I will be in hiding for the remainder of the day. :cry::smirk:


Meh, I don’t like the hate on ghosting.

I’ve seen a lot of guys complain about it, but especially in the context of Tinder/OKC it’s a lose-lose for women: if they say they’re not interested they get lit up by angry guys, if they say nothing they get lit up for ghosting.

This may be a harsh view, but frankly you are entitled to nothing.



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