Ghostwriter: Trump didn't write "Art of the Deal," he read it

Who cares why the ghostwriter dude let the cat out of the bag? His name is on the cover, and his professional decisions are his own to make.

I, for one, thank him for telling us what we already suspected: Trump is a talentless, overfilled whoopie cushion.

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I think it was actually “bigly.” As in “we will win bigly.”

Honestly people, it’s a perfectly cromulent word.


Trump replies:

“Of course I wrote The Art of the Deal, because that’s what I do. I write books. I’m the best book writer that you’ve ever seen, because I write the best books that you’ve ever seen. Hemingway? He’s got nothin on me. Steinbeck? Nothin. And Tony Schwarz? He was havin a bad spell and I felt sorry for him, so I let him put his name on my book. MY book. Look. Why do you think my name is first on the cover? Because it’s my book. A book about deals. And art. And I make the best deals and the best art that anyone’s ever seen. Vote for me.”

(This is, of course, parody, because Trump would not know who either Hemingway or Steinbeck are.)


Oh… maybe that’s it. Cromulent?

That’s an old “Simpsons” joke. (The town’s motto is “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”)



Appropos of nothing else: I made a slipcover of an imaginary Ben Carson book. You can print, cut to size, and put it over whatever book you’re reading. Great conversation starter!


BTW: The UPC code is for Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice.
That’s because I couldn’t find Uncle Ben’s Barack Obama Was Raised White Rice.


Under Emperor Trump, this could be a capital crime

I thought he was singing a snatch from “Begin the Beguine.”

Y’know, what with him “loving the Hispanics” and all.

In hindsight I think that Brainspore maybe has it right (more rightly).

I love that clip in last nights LWT:
“I have the best words.”
________ Donald Drumpf.

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