Ghostwriter: Trump didn't write "Art of the Deal," he read it


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Let’s be charitable and say that Trump lived the book.

Will that be proven wrong next?


I don’t think an actual ghostwriter ought to take credit for a book. If you sign up to ghostwrite, seems like you should stay ghostly. But based on that cover image, this guy’s an equally credited co-writer, so I have no problem with him speaking out.

Anyway, whenever a book by “Big Famous Non-Writer with Other Guy” comes out, don’t you pretty much assume it’s by Other Guy?


February 26, 2016: Ghostwriter: Trump didn’t write Art of the Deal, he read it.
February 27, 2016: Ghostwriter: Trump didn’t write Art of the Deal, he read the Cliff’s Notes version.
February 28, 2016: Ghostwriter: Trump didn’t write Art of the Deal or the Cliff’s Notes version. He read the inside of the dust jacket.
February 29, 2016: Ghostwriter: Okay, I admit it. Trump can’t read.


It was read to him at bed time.


Was this before or after Hitler’s speeches?


I’m assuming they didn’t want him sleep goose-stepping, so probably after. Needed something to wind him down.


Wait, someone thought he actually wrote it himself?


Normally, that is the case, though the actual level of involvement of the famous guy can vary a lot. Sometimes the co-author gets promised a certain amount of time for interviews, access to personal papers, and other direct assistance. It’s the writer’s job to turn that all into a publishable manuscript; that’s what he’s getting paid for.


Yeah, I even figured it was in the legal agreement that a ghostwriter couldn’t say things like this. Maybe that’s only binding for a few decades.


If aka Trump wrote it, wouldn’t it have his name on the cover?


I dunno, when a celebrity makes a big deal about their writing chops based on a book they didn’t write I think that is fraud, and more so when the book is actually ghostwritten. At least Trump’s book has a fully credited, equally billed “co-writer.”


I like Trump about as much as the rest of you, but I agree. I’m surprised this isn’t a breach of contract. The International Ghost Writers’ Union is going to come down on him so hard!


I would agree with you but he isn’t a ghostwriter, he’s a credited coauthor. As such the assumption is that he is editing a non-professional author’s words and ideas into a book or that kind of thing. If someone claims they wrote a book they had no input into I say game on. If your contract or statute of limitations or your career no longer forces you to lie about the celeb, why bother?

And why the fuck would you boast about writing a book you didn’t in any sense write?



And as a capitalist bully, he started it all with just a small loan from Daddy Warbucks.

Who’da thunk it?

That’s capitalism working, right there.


Only if they followed a Union approved contract. And the ghostwriter’s Union never puts its name on one


Have we seen school transcripts for Fuckface Von Clownstick? Because, I swear he said “biggen” on Thursday night. My guess is he meant, maybe, “enlarge”, or something. He didn’t even humor his audience with the slightly more acceptable “embiggen.”
I wouldn’t cut it in a live interview, but I haven’t been on “unscripted” television for many years. Nor have I been to Harvard. Nor do I brag about my IQ or grades.

Where is opposition research on this guy, this Von Clownstick guy?

And, does most peoples hair get yellower over time?


What was the topic? Maybe he was just trying out “bigot” as a verb?

Like; “That voting reform policy is too progressively egalitarian, we need to bigot it up”

With his massive IQ, he’s always experimenting with something new, staying ahead of the game…


The most “brilliant” peoples does?

Your suggestion is both funnier and more excusable somehow.

No, he meant enlarge, although I don’t remember what. Maybe his “really big company.”

“It’s REALLY big, I tell you.”
________________Also from the post debate interview on Thurs.