Giant red ball escapes from art installation in Ohio


Welp, as far as I’m concerned, you win this thread.



My first thought with a picture like this, is how I’d hate to be accidentally killed by such a whimsical mishap.


Art installations. So that’s what Ohio is calling anti-vehicle devices at Target these days?


Thank you for that link! I really enjoyed reading the haiku.


This is exactly what I hoped to find


All these movie clips tempted me to share that one scene from Everything you always wanted to know about sex* (*but were afraid to ask) but I decided against it.



@nungesser is that you?


Did someone say “deadly zorb tragedy”?


John had great big waterproof boots on
John had a great big waterproof hat
John had a great big waterproof mackintosh
And you don’t come kinkier that that.


Now, now, there’s no need to get all smutty just because we’re talking about big red balls. (Notices username - wonders if there is any point to this reply.) :wink:


I see what you didn’t do there.


Those Renaissance superhero teams were off the hook…


Horniman’s special attribute was the power to grow horns, antlers attire or ossicones, depending on the requirements of the situation. In the course of Horniman’s adventures he stood in for Tycho Brahe’s pet elk at a dinner party, when the real elk was moos hors de combat from falling down the stairs when drunk; infiltrated Wallenstein’s war council in the Munich Residenz (disguised as a hunting trophy) to learn the mercenary’s battle strategy; was used repeatedly as a hat-stand; and startled the barmaid in U Zlatého Tygra after unexpectedly sprouting a pair of pronghorns and spiking himself to the low ceiling (when the writers decided it was time for some comic relief).

The scene below shows Horniman working undercover in a dog obedience school, teaching the dogs how to play Invisible Piano. His adversaries Hourglass and Butt-head are not fooled, however.


Welp, off to write wacky D&D NPCs…




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