Gingerbread Enterprise


Suspending the whole thing with the candycane phaser is really quite brilliant.

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Giant space amoeba approves!

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Phasers set to sugar coma…


Until you realise Kirk and the rest of those mongrels have ignored the prime directive and blown the Candy and Marshmallow peoples to smithereens.


It was in a higher interest. When you’re making an icing you have to melt some chocolate.

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Best Gingerbread house … errr ship, EVER!!! LOVE IT!!!

** :stuck_out_tongue:

Using the candycane phaser beam to support the starship is brilliant, but from experience I know there has to be some internal bracing of some type for the rest of it. I wouldn’t mind an Instructable on this, or at least something that shows how they keep those thin sections from flexing and breaking.

“Ye cannae change th’ laws of Physics!”


This is about the same size as the 1/350 scale plastic model of the NCC-1701 refit, but the gingerbread is not simply placed on the surface of a built kit - if it was, the saucer and the nacelle supports would be noticeably thicker. I do think the model was used as a rough guide for cutting and shaping the cookie parts.

Even the styrene model of the Enterprise would have a hard go of being supported by the saucer section. There is some impressive engineering going on under the surface.

If you like this, how about making a green candy apple replica of Vulcan?


The rectangular nacelles suggest it’s the NCC-1701-A

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