Watch the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine crew “sing” a Christmas carol


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Well done!


Never understood the reason for a ring shaped space station, if you already have artificial gravity, and don’t need to spin it.



That’s why.


So ships can dock around it with ease and not bump into each other?


Yeah but what’s with all the voids? And don’t get me started on Romulan ship design!

Come ON!


Really a tube would be better for that. Wrapping the tube into a ring with spines just reduces each ship’s elbow room available per docking port. But maybe since it’s a Cardassian military design, a ring with cross-braces was deemed better in case a section was made inaccessible by attack.


You have to have some sort of struts or pylons to hold the nacelles out from the main body of the ship, in order to enclose it in a warp field. While the Federation goes with a single strut, the Romulans prefer the belt and suspenders approach.


IIRC Its primary purpose was as a military ore processor, it was there before the wormhole was found. I think it was built to accomodate mostly one sort of ship, and was built to an (imaginary) alien military industrial aesthetic.


This exactly. Ore gets ferried to the station (be in on planet or from nearby asteroids) and processed. Maximum efficiency for ore coming in and out led to its design. That and Cardassian weird ass design aesthetics.


I’ll just leave this here…


Well it has to be shaped like something.


Repeat to yourself “it’s just a show, I should really just relax!”


Also, this is one of the most underrated shows of all time. My wife and I have been binge watching this recently years after we watched the show when it originally aired. It’s still really fresh and just as good as TNG I think.


IMO it is the best Star Trek series. Takes the ideals of the Federation, and makes them deal with the rest of the galaxy that ain’t so black and white.


You dare mock the Historical Documents? Activate the Omega 13!


Cardassian architecture. :smile:


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