Giuliani helped to keep Oxycontin in the hands of addicts

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Anyone really surprised that these scumbags have exaserbated a public health emergency to rake in more money? scumbag Tom Marino is my representative and nobody seems to care (in redneckistan i.e. District 12) that he helped big pharma push opiates in Pennsylvania & received for his part like $100,000 dollars (that we know about) (Et al, New York Times, 2017).. Don’t worry though, big pharma had this to say in response to that citation: “But the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America said in a statement that it “did not support or lobby in favor” of the bill and later on Tuesday evening called for it to be repealed” (Et al, New York Times, aforementioned citation, 2017).


but what is truth?

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Truth from a republican senator in PA? truth is laughable with this level of corruption. Up until this year, the “truth” was that PA was the most gerrymandered state in PA essentially making voting against republicans pointless because of their gerrymandered control in a so called “Democracy”.


Admittedly, this was one hell of an example of legal judo, making it easy to understand why Trump might want to add Giuliani to his legal team.

The recent leaks and gaffes, some analysts believe, are more of the same judo. To get out ahead of the financial disclosures and other details that are bound to come out.


Why on earth would you let doctors off the hook to skewer Rudi? Rudi is a scumbag politician, everyone gets that, but why would you let doctors that trained for a dozen years to evaluate medical science get a free pass. Humanity has known opiods are addictive for thousands of years… Just because some little slick prick drops by your office every few months to ply the nurses with free BC pills is zero reason to keep prescribing Oxy…

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I agree with you, 100%. But in this instance, the story that I’m referencing doesn’t talk about the hand that medical professionals have in the problem. It focus on Rudi.

The topic of medical professionals being paid to push particular prescriptions on their paitents, even when they know there’ll be harmful side effects, is huge. It’s important to talk about it, but I wouldn’t he doing the issue any justice in the amount of space I have allotted to me here.


Great to be reminded that there’s no alternative to capitalism.
BTW: I’m not convinced that Rudy’s actually Donald’s lawyer as opposed to just a distraction.

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