Glenn Beck's TheBlaze to merge with Mark Levin's CRTV


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I’m already getting ads on YouTube, replacing the expensive run that CRTV has had going for a while.

I wonder which crazed far right plutocrat/fund is backing this one?


I always check Breitbart to see what folks think about stuff like this.

They think Beck is a nut job. Which is interesting.


@ActuallyARegular Yes, nut job covers it.



Blaze Media will be run by Tyler Cardon and Gaston Mooney, who were named co-presidents of the merged company. Previously, Mooney was president of CRTV and Cardon was president of TheBlaze. Levin had no management authority at CRTV and will have none at Blaze Media, according to insiders.

Looks like those are the people actually running it, and the bobbleheads are just for show.


Via “conservative media group-think?”


Oh God, Mark Levin. I can listen to him for like 5 min tops. He’s such a fucking drama queen.


Last I heard from Glenn Beck, hadn’t he renounced Trump and was touring with a somewhat-Biblical family show starring the Man in the Moon? I guess he decided being an evil fuck pays better.


I think they should come up with a new name, something that really speaks to their fan-base in red meat terms, like “Pizzagate-TV”, or “The Benghazi Network.”


ButterEmail News. We put the butter onner Emails!


Trumpster Fire?


I liked Glenn Beck’s old chalkboard and open telephone days, daring whoever he was berating to call him. He’s the closest thing we’ve ever had to Norman Spinrad’s Bug Jack Barron.




Unfortunately one consequence of having people like Beck around is that he allows the Brietbart crowd to think of themselves as reasonable centrists.


LOL yeah he tested the waters for joining the “resistance” since we are the majority-- he figured that’s where the majority of money is–but he figured out that A) he wasn’t welcome and B) a smarter audience wouldn’t go for the gold scams and prepper equipment that make up his advertisers.


Haha, I agree, but don’t underestimate the gullibility of the those in the resistance too… It’s true there aren’t all that many goldbugs/preppers on the left, but he could just pivot to colloidal silver or some other bs health supplement… Others have pointed out that many of the products Alex Jones shills are practically identical to those sold on goop.


Goopers(?) might be in the resistance, but somehow I don’t imagine they really follow politics in-depth. I think the right-wing tv/radio audience is unique in having people who follow the latest ‘news’ 24/7 but are also ready to buy into the latest PizzaGate scam.

Maybe that’s the answer, though – Beck tried to pivot left and realized he couldn’t shill to the Goop crowd effectively. A huckster’s schtick is pretty set in stone after a few decades.



Levin was totally NeverTrump during the primaries. He carried water for Cruz. I get pragmatism, but the total about-face he and Limbaugh did when they realized that their positions were losing them audience is total hypocrisy. And Levin is always so very angry all the time. It’s a wonder that he hasn’t had a stroke already.


This move stinks of desperation. I bet TheBlaze and CRTV were both losing money and this is a last-ditch effort to save them.