Glenn Beck's "decency" doesn't extend to answering questions about why he was such an asshole


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I don’t get it. With a headline like that I was expecting to read something particularly damning. I didn’t. I found myself actually (gasp) siding with Beck on this one. I’m not sure what your point was in posting such a leading headline and backing it up with…what…that? No smoking gun here.


So he shouldn’t be held responsible and maybe feel a tiny bit remorseful for his role in creating the current divisive electorate? He shoveled out some serious shit back in the day. It got so bad Fox News fired him, because he was so over the top.

He’s also already walking back his statements in the New Yorker:

Also… welcome to boing boing (meant sincerely).



It felt a little too good to be true… oh well.


This is the same Glenn Beck who dialed up the crazy when Obama became president and now not coincidentally decides to dial it back now that Obama is leaving office.


The original WATB.


Because it is all a show! All the drama and rhetoric and shit is all a show that brings in views/listeners.

Even people who have no views similar to him are watching/listening to see what he will do next.

Someone having rational discussions about shit don’t get the numbers. Numbers are life.

Christ, never never stop on the talk shows on the radio. Maybe the sports ones are grounded in reality, but every time I slide by to see what is up for a minute, leave feeling sick and dismayed.

Also, if Glenn beck is looking “decent” compared to you, you really, really need to re-evaluate your life.


Wasn’t the backstory on Beck that he was a shock-radio jock, like Howard Stern, rather than a right-wing radio host?

The fox news viewers were just suckers he could make money off of for a while, and now he has moved on.


He’ll tell us of the same regrets in 2024 after spending the intervening years trashing HRC and supporting all the “investigations.”


Well, he has expressed a tiny bit of remorse. Not nearly enough to redeem him but still admittedly more than I ever expected of him.


Yeah, I heard his interview with Bob Garfield the other evening. Beck still sounds like an arrogant, aggressive asshat.


I want to believe that Mr. Beck has changed. I want to believe that he’s truly sorry for what he’s done. I’m not convinced either way yet. I need more evidence and more time.

The interview was great and as I mentioned in a previous comment, I loved how Bob Garfield took Mr. Beck seriously, didn’t take bullshit, and provided much needed snark.


Nah, still an asshole. He may be saying different things but it’s still coming from the same orifice.


I’d really like to believe that too. Because if Beck can really put all that alt-right bullshit behind him then maybe there’s hope for the 45% of my countrymen, including some members of my extended family, who just tried to put a fascist in the White House. Only time will tell.


I would like to recommend:


watch tea party founding father, faux news all-star, and “libertarian” glenn beck call for the wall street bailout to be increased from $700 billion to “at least” $2 trillion. see who these GOPropagandists really serve:


much easier for beck to change since he never really believed it.


Well, I’m not surprised he’s being defensive. I mean, he never commented on those rumours that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, did he? Some people might say that he’s worried about people digging into his past too much…


Of course he did. He’s partisan, not principled.