Glitchen refuges: The Giants are ... well, napping, at least

I know there are a lot of Glitchen refuges here on BoingBoing. I’m sure most of you know about the two big efforts to recreate Glitch, Eleven Giants and Children of Ur..

After a few of us brought this up last week, I made one of periodic forays into these two efforts, the first into Eleven Giants to recreate an outfit I had which I had never saved. Then a day or so later, I fired up Children of Ur on a whim. The last time I tried this, there wasn’t much to do. The streets were largely empty, there wasn’t much that worked, and it would freeze up about every other screen.

Now? Oh my Gods, I’m home. Well, almost. There’s still a lot of bugs, but there’s so much there now that’s like my beloved Glitch that I actually feel it’s worth visiting more than once (I’ve been there every day this week, actually) and more importantly, I feel it’s worth spreading the word. Yeah, the world’s waking up again, as the Giants get sleepy, but the world isn’t all of it: the community was so much of what made Glitch special.

So all of you refuges? Please come back and join me. I hope to see you there.

(OK, now the downside: Children of Ur has the world, but not the wardrobe capabilities. Eleven Giants has a functioning wardrobe, but the world is closed to the public. I kind of wish they could combine these two, but if I have to pick one or the other, I’m going to go pet some trees and nibble on piggies. Also, you can get your old look back, although not your skills, by using the same character name. You can’t change anything yet, but at least it’s something. This is why I’m “Awful Horrid” - the space being important. I created a test character as Awfulhorrid, but I abandoned that one, once I found I could get my steampunk kilt back.

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Yeah, the trouble is that Eleven is trying to actually get the original code to run on a new server whereas CoU is recoding the game from the ground up in HTML5 rather than flash. So compatibility is precisely zero.

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Oh, absolutely. I’ve been in a similar situation where I had to decide if a project was going to continue on with a functioning, but dying technology, or be rebuilt from the ground up with something new. (OK, honestly, Eleven Giants didn’t even have it this good, but the idea is similar.) I have to think that Children of Ur made the best choice, although I do appreciate the effort that EG put into things.

(I know they’re incompatible, but I still look at the two pieces and wish they could go together into a functioning whole.)


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