Go and vote

Good job, toots!


Already done, last week. I’m going to check in with Gary, IN, because they’re more likely to have issues than we are, and it’s drive-able for me. (After a morning meeting, unfortunately, but I left the rest of the day very flexible.)



Well, okay, but just because it’s your birthday.


An hour in line in Philly this morning.
Still, very satisfying…


Way to go, Rob!

Now let’s go open that safe to celebrate! Who’s with me?


I’m voting sunshine/lollipops



We voted 2 weeks ago, at the kitchen table, with my kids. Cause my state is awesome and does vote by mail. Hope the rest of you get something like that soon.


I’ve heard great things about mail voting, like you get big packets with all the necessary information in it to help make an informed decision. To see my ballot early, I have to look for it and sign into a website.


Yep. Two or three weeks before the election they mail you the ballot, an opaque “secrecy envelope” to put it in, another envelope to send those through the mail, and a few days earlier, a voter guide explaining each citizen initiative. Basically, all you need is a stamp or two. And a few days after you mail it in, you can double check online whether it was received. Fantastic system.


Sounds like! May we all one day live in a place with a system like that. Seems a great way to boost voter turn out, actually.


A birthday video for Rob:


Missouri has a bunch of state amendments this time, and most of them are terrible. All kinds of unrelated crap shoveled onto them which the ballot text doesn’t even mention. (Increase tax on cigarettes to fund education, but (hidden) restrict stem cell research and abortion and a secretly appointed corporate cabal gets to decide how the tax money is actually spent…) And to confuse matters, there’s also a competing cigarette tax proposal that is sponsored by convenience stores, which is a small increase AND a potential prevention of any future tax increases AND some other garbage, and even if it passes and the other one doesn’t it’s likely to die in court.

And then on the wall of the polling place there’s this 6 foot by 6 foot poster that has, in a small font, the actual text of the amendments.

I really wish we had early, at-home voting, and better standards on how much cruft gets to be piled onto a state amendment.


I could vote by mail, but I actually like going to the polls on election day.

UPDATE: Went to the polls; voted.


Can you get the full texts of the amendments online? Or is that only at the polling place?

We have about 4 this time in my state. Only voting yes for one, I think, since the rest appear to be some real anti-democratic (small d, not the party, the process) horseshit.

I think having the option is good, but I think the thing that voting by mail allows you to do is get the information sent to your house where you can actually read through and process it better. Maybe having the option to vote by mail, but send everyone the information packet on the issues and candidates.


The voter participation percentages for this election should be tremendous.

Our household voted by mail. In a vote-by-mail state, I miss the “free coffee for voters” promotions.


I feel obligated to point out that the election is a carefully staged spectacle designed to distract us from our real power. But I also recognize that my point will be lost in a sea of enthusiasm for the election, as excitement and encouragement to take it seriously comes from so many sides and sectors of society.

I understand. We all want a solution, or failing that, at least some kind of meaning to the systems which run our lives. I hope some day we find it.


I too did my part to rig the election.


We do get a decent booklet from the county elections commissioner with details on the candidates and initiatives whether we vote by mail or in person. More than 200 magazine-size pages this year, including the full text of each proposed law. It’s surprisingly non-shitty.


Texas had early voting, so I voted over a week ago. I pulled weeds at the polling station, which had a big long line but it was moving fast enough that I didn’t feel like the 45 minutes I stood there was agony. The fire ant bites on my hands, those were not so good.

My funny old German (but U.S. citizen) mom applied to vote by mail, her ballot has yet to come, and now it’s the last day. Now she wants to take her own sweet self, 85 years old and with her heart in ungood condition, and vote at noon (that’s the best time for her to manage to be out and about). The lines will probably be… longish.

Thank Jah it’s not going to be another hot 100°F day (~37C). We’re looking at 60% chance of rain, and I don’t know if I should follow her with a chair and an umbrella, or just go to work. My husband voted early too, maybe it’s possible that for the promise of vegetable korma tonight I can persuade him to go with her since I have to be at work (unless I can persuade my boss to let me off for part of the day).