Goat stuns village as it walks through town on its hind legs

Black Phillip 2020

Likely a cellphone. I’ll bet that goat walks into something later.

For dramatic reinforcement in that area, the following is recommended.

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I for one welcome our new Satyr overlords…

Gather round mutants and let’s talk about goats for a moment, shall we?

I have 4 little sisters who rocked at 4-H. In fact they were down right competitive when it came to sheeps and goats and horses and all that stuff. Most boasting aside our milk cheese and BBQ scene was second to none and the money from the county fair allowed them to get college largely without debt.

Anyhow, we bought this 1865 farmhouse and barn and IT CAME WITH A GOAT. We had no idea. This evil malicious attack goat terrorized everyone. Just mean. I remember seeing this goat tumble and roll my sister across the back lawn. Like a zombie moose and I suddenly was like I understand! This is why Satan looks like a goat in art. It’s just MEAN!

So one day it attacks the van full of humans and is gleefully stomping the roof in before smashing off the rear view mirrors when we opened the doors…

That was the last straw! We go onto craigslist and offer “Free Evil Goat” delivery $2000 or free pick up. Sure enough ten minutes later we get all these emails and that day the goat is gone. We figured BBQ but NO! It turns out this breed of goat is so mean and cruel that cowboys use them against horses that can’t be broken. They put these goats in the same spot as the first horse till the goat demoralizes it enough to take a saddle.

Phew, TMI? Now we have sweet dwarf goats named Ella & Fitzgerald and they often walk that far on rear legs just to scare the kids. They rear up like this when planning to headbutt something.

To me this goat looked like it was just amped up to butt that scooter on the road. Mild drama.


Well, all those myths about chupacabras and bloodless goats had to come from somewhere. Are they sure that goat is not a zombie?

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Nice hat! I dig the shield and the hemispheres for tits. The facial hair is a bit much, but the sideburns remind me of my uncle. Nice britches. Jordan Goat 1, very barn posh. The snakes? Two moons? HP? Not Lovecraft? No, not Harry Potter. You got me.

I dig woodcuts. Ever check out Dõre? Did Poe and the bible, great art :slight_smile:

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