"God Forbid" documents the Jerry Falwell, Jr. scandal

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Oh, I do, but I also miss the days (was it just a few years ago?) when a sordid sex scandal or obvious lying and grifting could have any effect on the career of a QOP politician or a Xtian leader.


Right? Dynasty’s still grifting along, last I checked


I hope they take some time to document the destruction inflicted on American democracy by his racist, hatemongering, and hypocritical greedpig father. Long before MAGA there was the so-called “Moral Majority” that helped cement Reaganism, bad-faith GOP politics, prosperity gospel, and numerous other ideological cancers as norms for 40+ years.


I don’t. I’m sick and tired of these people even existing.


I was at Reagan’s first inauguration. I was dating a fellow who went to Georgetown at the time - otherwise, wouldn’t have bothered. I stood with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and other folks who were carrying signs that said, “I’m from the Immoral Minority!” We were also with Hare Krishnas who were grilling yummy things.


Hopefully we’re a majority, and we’ll stay a majority.


Unfortunately, it won’t have any real repercussions for them. It never does and often only ends up gaining them even more followers and fame. Despite the name of the film, there won’t be a collapse of this dynasty from this.

There’s also the issue that, at least as far as can be seen from the clip, the documentary doesn’t seem to be highlighting the hypocrisy so much as playing up the “freaky” and titillation aspects of the situation. I really couldn’t care less what kind of sex Jerry and Becki have, as long as everyone consents. I do care that they’re ripping people off with their “ministries,” tax free, and manipulating the malleable minds of the suckers contributing to them while they’re doing it.


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