GoDaddy kicks white supremacist site in the URLs


Flagrant cultural appropriation? Alt-right, this really is the last straw!





Then feel free to host the Daily Stormer yourself. GoDaddy isn’t obliged to host them.


No one is banning speech. Go Daddy decided it didn’t want to take nazi gold anymore. They are perfectly free to find another server provider from which to spew their bile.


Domains by proxy is a Godaddy company, so they probably dropped the registration just before Godaddy dropped the domain.

They’ve moved the site to Google Domains and going through a new anonymous domain registrator, but Google insiders already said that they were also revoking the registration. It’s good to see tech companies finally standing up against hate speech, not just mentioning it in their terms of service. Now if only Twitter would act on all those tweets I reported…


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