Gonorrhea may soon be unbeatable


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“The Unbeatable Gonorrhea” doesn’t sound appealing at all. I’ll stick with Squirrel Girl, thanks.




Late Stage Tinder.





Please, please tell me that this is authentic.


When I was in Military Academy, in the ole’ century, we had in practically every corner of every building a similar poster that read, “put a helmet on your soldier” replete with a talking “condom” w/ a corny combat helmet all jaunty sideways on his head. I still giggle at that.


How about, “Clap On, Clap Off, The Clapper!”


I guess that depends on what you mean by “authentic.” Real safe sex PSA? Yes. But it’s a relatively contemporary one that uses vintage-style graphics for ironic hipster appeal.


The good news is that more infectious, resistant strains will be much less concealable to potential partners.
The bad news? so many more people will be victimized when The Clap can’t be fixed.


I dunno…are condoms retro enough to wear “Ironically”? I would think that the only “ironic” way to wear condoms is to wear them while not having sex.



Ah!! You have managed to find something creepier than creepy clowns :-0


I remember Eddie Murphy having a joke about getting a shot to clear it up, and how (joke being) new ones just kill you… something something something.

Second time I’ve said this recently: totes glad I’m not in my youth these days…


That was the least creepy gif I could find, too.


Quoted frequently by my friends and I back in the day.


"My sex game is UNBEATABLE!

…also incurable and permanently debilitating."


If ever I should decide to learn Spanish, I’ll be sure to study this video.


anti-erotic asphyxiation