Good (Encouraging) Stuff (Part 1)

The duration of civilian service is 347 days.

The weekly working time of a civil servant shall not exceed 40 hours or less than 36 hours. Weekends are free at many places of employment.

The place of civilian service is required by law to provide accommodation, meals, health care, daily allowances and travel. The tax-free allowance is the same as for conscripts (0-165 days 5.15 €, 166-265 days 8.20 €, 266-347 days 12.00 €).

The lenght of the civil service is punitive

In July 2013, the UN Human Rights Committee stated that the duration of civilian service is still punitive and in violation of the Convention on Civil and Political Rights which binds Finland. Since then, the situation has not been remedied. Amnesty International has stated that it will continue to treat Finnish total objectors as prisoners of conscience, as it also sees the lenght of service as punitive.


I still don’t understand how it could be considered punishment?

My husband knew a certain Finnish hockey player who took the service option (probably to avoid injuries) and while he wasn’t able to play hockey for a year during his prime hockey-playing age, he really enjoyed his early childhood teaching experience.

This makes me think that it’s something more. I wonder if the thought of giving up a year to service feels like punishment? I know that we don’t have this system, so it’s hard to compare.


Let’s just give $1000 a month to everyone! With a little breathing room all sorts of people might discover they are artists! (or whatever their passion), plus they are happier if they and their children can eat!


I have a penis so I have 6 choices:

  1. Learn to kill human beings.
  2. Do a shit job for almost no money for longer then those who are willing to kill people.
  3. Go to prison because I don’t want to kill humans.
  4. Leave my home country.
  5. Be mentally ill enough to be freed from peace time service. (I went with this one. Give me a gun and see how long my brain remains inside of my skull…)
  6. Be disabled.

That is not a good list.


Would there be less objection if the civil service was the same duration and pay as military?


Allowance is the same as for conscripts. But yeah same duration might be better. There are three durations of service 165, 255 and 347 days civilian service is always 347 days. Personally I would like equality too.


Why are the options seen as shit jobs?


Yeah, he definitely was assigned a decent job even if the wages were shit. Also, it certainly would be a better thing if this was uniformly extended to everyone rather than only men. It’s good that Finland is having a reckoning with this.

I always felt that the religious exception was unfair to those people who had no religious beliefs but were pacifists. The oldest son of family friends decided not to flee to Canada during the Vietnam War and he did a stint in jail.


Yes to this so much! But people seem to really want the money to be for something relevant to them individually.

Maybe we could let everyone choose a justification for their universal income and have that printed on the check.


I’ll just leave this ACAB bait in here…

Too bad.


Deep fund the police?


It depends on education. Like me a guy with almost non I would have ended up as an diah washer for a year.

Cool for him.

I have hard time thinking of it as anything but a punishement.


Invented by Gertrude Skilling, originally of Teeswater Ontario. I must admit that, despite having spent the occasional weekend with friends in Teeswater, I did not know that part of the story. Someone needs to put up a historical plaque.


Looks like I can donate blood, finally.

We often do blood drives at work and there is pressure to be the best department or whatever so you would be goaded into donating. Rather than be the holdout letting down the side I’d go through the process, then ask for the donation to be disposed of (the phlebotomists are used to this). A waste of resources all round. Now I’ll get to be useful.


Red River Cereal

I used to eat it from time to time, but hadn’t for years until my wife’s cousin, a Red River evangelist, gave us what must have been one of the last boxes last year. I’m not a fan, but I found it works well in multi-grain bread, so I’m glad it’s back.


Sadly, now I have other medical issues that keep me out of service for blood donation, but that’s good to know, thanks.


That’s my sneak when I make bread: Bob’s Red Mill does a 5-grain, 7-grain, and 10-grain cereal that I sub in for about 1/4-1/3 of the bread flour in a recipe.


That’s what I’ve been using!