Year-End Thank You Notes (2023)

This year has been… a real humdinger.
It’s easy to focus on all the bad stuff that has happened this year.

I’d like a space to post celebrate victories big and small for the actual IRL good stuff that happened this year. A few things I am grateful for…

Thank you, Virginia:

Thank you, Stacey Abrams:

Thank you, Nikole Hannah-Jones:

and lastly, this. Thanks, Cinema Therapy.

I discovered this channel some months ago… I get so much out of it. I hope someone here will find it helpful. The team is funny and self-aware, and not afraid to be vulnerable and to make ridicule themselves. Some of their content is probably NSFW.


Thank you, John Sabraw. Water is life.


Thank you to the state of Georgia, for all the hard work and wins for progressivism this year!


Thanks to all the folks in blue states, who keep voting for progressive folks in their states and to send to congress… and for passing legislation to protect our rights there… and to all my fellow progressives in red states who are doing their best to save all of us from a fascist outcome…


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