Good (Encouraging) Stuff

It might not be a haiku:

Kyrsten Sinema
is the Tulsi Gabbard
of Joe Liebermans

But it’s true.


Now this is just beautiful.


For context, that’s going to generate 13 times as much power as what has already been built, and when it’s all built, the peak output of these offshore wind farms will be enough to generate 82% of the whole UK’s electricity demand. That’s not counting all the on-shore wind farms.


That’s something to keep in mind in these days of mask-wearing, especially after upgrading from cloth/surgical to ones that hide the face even more, plus the tendency to not move the mouth as much to avoid shifting the mask.

When I switched to a KN95 mask, the person at the meat counter suddenly started getting my orders completely wrong. I’m afraid that it took a few times for the clues to register. Once I concentrated on facing her, speaking distinctly, and not holding my face as frozen, no more errors.

I have no idea which cue she needed, and that’s none of my business. I had to learn to compensate for my problem while wearing a mask.


So, in Scotland/UK, does it work like it does in the US where a company can buy an oil lease and then sit on it for decades and not develop it? So, it is possible that these windfarm leases might not be developed for years, if ever?


Good question, so I looked it up. The lease agreement for each of these areas is contingent upon having a viable plan to install the wind turbines, and if the project isn’t delivered, the lease can be terminated early.


Man . . . to live in a country that takes care of these things like that . . . .


FWIW, I find the larger masks do a much better job of staying put while talking (or singing) than the early cloth masks.

The Korean style, which balloons out over the mouth and has a proper chin rest, works particularly well.


A minor victory. A friend was in court trying to get an emergency restraining order made permanent against her husband. We’ve been trying to get her to DTMFA, but circumstances. He’s a horribly violent man. So she gets on the stand and details all the abuse over the last 3 years. He gets on the stand and under questioning from his lawyer denies it all. “I would never do that, I love her.” “That bruise in the picture? She told me she bumped her arm moving furniture. I don’t know why she’s doing this, I love her so much. I’m so saddened by this.” He was the absolute picture of a loving spouse.

Then her attorney gets up and asks husband, in 10 different ways, "did you ever hit your wife? “Were you ever violent towards her?” Nope, nope nope. The husband’s attorney starts objecting to the repeated “badgering.” Then her attorney pulls out a cellphone and hits “play” on the recorder. “This you?” And for the next 3 and a half minutes the judge and everyone in the room got to listen to one of the most violently abusive episodes one could imagine. A beating, threats of rape, threats of bringing friends over to rape her, all sorts of nastiness. The husband’s attorney got up, asked for a break, and walked out of the courtroom without waiting for the judge to reply. That state is a one-party recording state, and she had been recording the abuse for about 6 months. The wife’s attorney said “I have more.”

Asshole is going to jail. He won’t be allowed to have contact with the kids. She is safe for now.


A minor victory.

A win for the ages more like it.


If he were permanently jailed, yes. Or were he to die, yes. But he’ll be out soon enough, and even with a restraining order he can get at her. His guns were taken away, but he was found with maps to her relatives house [“I travel, I don’t like to get lost”]. So he’ll be a danger to her and others as long as he is free.


Am a big fan of the fit and design of those.

Some really detailed PPE mask info here from Aaron Collins (aka “the Mask Nerd”), a mechanical engineer with a background in aerosols science. Have been looking it over before our next bulk order (not off Amazon):

I got that link from this article:

See also:


Something good to remember on this day. When the Lumbee Tribe beat back the KKK, or The 64th anniversary of the “Tribal Day of Historical Recognition” aka The Battle of Hayes Pond.

This happened in 1958 North Carolina. The local law enforcement was opposed to the instigating Klan rally and backed the Lumbee tribe following the incident. Very surprising. The rally Klan’s escape comes off like the Klan’s post-explosion escape in Tarantino’s Django.