GOP backs off Biden impeachment — and admit it's due to his low polling

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Oh who gives a shit what Alan Dershowitz says? Fucking hack masquerading as a legal expert. I mean, he’s probably got a point that the accusations against Biden stem from his Vice Presidency and so are not impeachable, but more importantly, the accusations are completely fabricated and don’t have an ounce of evidence backing them up.


hey i just did* a phone poll where i phoned random numbers and asked if they were republican and do they support trump. Auto-dialed 13,117 before managing to contact 173 until hitting the first “I’m like, not a republican, man”; so stopped there weighted that one’s opinion against the others and the results show that republicans have nothing to fear as 67.1354% who responded will vote for trump (let’see margin of error: 1/sqrt(174) → 7.58%). Therefore (extrapolating from this fine posting’s headline) all republicans can safely slip into a coma until late 2024 [Stephen Colbert hand dusting gesture]

*(really did nothing of the sort. but still got as good results as any Rasmussen poll)



I’m surprised the GOP is backing off anything that otherwise sane, rational people would realize is a lost cause.

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That asshole needs to go away…


The GOP has apparently convinced themselves that the story they told about Trump’s 91 indictments—that each accusation was politically motivated and would only make him more powerful and pave the way for his inevitable reinstatement—would also apply for Biden, and therefore it’s best to back off. Quite the dank little world they’ve dug for themselves.

Just to be clear, Biden is polling poorly largely because his current actions are not favored by the more progressive branch of the party, especially the younger voters. This in no way indicates that those same folks are softening on their hatred of the fascist hatemongers that are MAGA. Assuming, as is seemingly safe to do for the moment, that Il Douche is the fascist nominee, there is not a chance in hell that he will get their votes, and will drive a very enthusiastic crowd to vote against him. And, if more data is needed, Biden polling poorly did not seem to matter in the off-off year election cycle just completed. Fascists got shellacked, as I like to say, from the legislature to the school board. Go ahead, MAGAts, feel good about Biden “failing.” Your time is running short.


But Marge has to impeach somebody damn it.

And if she can’t impeach a person she’s going after a vaccine.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of this is a feedback loop-people hear about impeachment hearings and think there must be something to find because why else have them, confidence drops, polling numbers drop, republicans sit back, convinced they have ruined Biden.

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