GOP candidate for Maine legislature says he's sorry for calling Parkland massacre survivor a ‘skinhead lesbian’


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Well sorry he said it in his out loud voice anyway.


While the man is unquestionably a shithead, at least it was an actual apology (sincere or not) rather than one of those notpology “I am sorry if any of you snowflakes were offended by my sincerely held beliefs,” although I suspect that was what he meant to say.


If you go out of your way to call a teenager a “skinhead lesbian” … are you ever really sorry you said it?


Is he still running unopposed, and doesn’t mean that he’ll get the seat by default even if he’s a complete and utter tool?


“Moonbat”? Do people still call liberals that, or is he just being a quaint and olden “wingnut”?

(see, I can pull out archaic pejoratives too)


Damn so many termites crawling out of the woodwork lately I don’t understand how the roof hasn’t fallen in on us all yet.


Honestly, with her name being Gonzalez, I’m surprised he forgot to add a racial slur in there.


Mr. Leslie Gibson set off my Gaydar alert. Is he out ? Does the GOP permit gays in their ranks?


Absolutely as long as the nod and smile and appear to agree when Pat Robertson starts going off about how gay people cause hurricanes and earthquakes.


If I were her parents…I’d find a way to press charges. She is a minor…he shouldn’t be saying ANYTHING about her.


Leslie Gibson, neo-Nazi pedophile, apologized today…


There is some kind of perfect joke about this guys haircut, and him being named Leslie…


He says “skinhead lesbian” like it’s a bad thing.


I’m sure that can be fixed now.


Don’t ever get between a middle aged white man and his dick gun.


There’s a pro-gay-rights group within the party called the “Log Cabin Republicans” but they’ve been about as influential as those supposed Black Confederate Soldiers that racists made up to prove they aren’t racist.


Ok, so the guy is… well you know. deplorable
As online apologies go, that’s actually not a bad one. The sincerity may be manufactured but it’s far from the worst apology I’ve read. I for one hope more reconciliations could include offers of understanding and friendship.



You pulled a Scalia!