GOP group bullies donors who don't give every month: "We will have to tell Trump you're a DEFECTOR"

I’ll never understand why people are afraid of Trump. He’s a see-through act. Even as President, he was too much of a coward to fire any of the hundreds of people he fired to their face. They were fired via intermediaries or over Twitter. Remember Comey found out via a news report while he was giving a speech?

My only guess is he has privy to some very deep secrets about the R’s that they’re desperate to not have see the light, although most likely they are things only important to them.


If you donate to a republican organization, there is a Nigerian prince that wants your e-mail address.


How long until they just explicitly start using the language of predatory “mega-churches”?

Summin’s defective alright.

As pointed out…classic abusive relationship language “If you leave me, no one will want you!”

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My guess is that government agencies have been burned by the hot stove lately.

Look at the IRS and the “scandal” of them disproportionately auditing Tea Party groups as a cautionary tale:

Enough of a stink was raised by the Rs in Congress and the IRS ended up being the target of cuts for years afterwards.


Except that they didn’t. The Republican majority said so, but the FBI found no evidence of “enemy hunting”. The Republicans were going to cut the IRS budget anyway.

Heh. It was the results of the audits that were disproportionate. The “Tea party” groups had a lot more problems found than “Occupy” ones. :sunglasses:


I’m going to tell and you’ll be sorry! What, is the demented orange fascist Santa now?

ETA: he’s fucking Jesus, isn’t he?

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As with everything Repub, reality didn’t matter. They got the message out there “The IRS disproportionately audits conservative whackos”, and the actual findings didn’t matter.

They got to cut the IRS budget to the point where investigations/prosecutions of shenanigans by people who had enough $ to fight back legally were no longer a viable course of action, and the IRS only had the capacity to investigate and prosecute “the little guy”. Goal achieved. All with the unthinking support of “the little guy”.


Jesus H Christ; I’d forgotten what a drooling meringue that Brush boy was.


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Has a bit of French Revolution Reign of Terror vibe to it. I know that seems like exaggeration, but If he’d gotten in for another four (eight, twelve…) years, the comparison might be more apt.

Or if that’s too much work, just add “in minecraft”…

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