GOP lawmaker files new motion to expel George Santos from Congress

Originally published at: GOP Rep files to expel George Santos


The most surprising thing about this is that he used some of the funds to pay down credit cards. I understand it’s completely illegal, but financially that seems like such a uncharacteristically responsible thing to do.

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If he’d gone out, gotten a job, and paid down his credit card with that, sure… but he’s basically using the money others donated to his campaign for his own personal benefit. So, no, just because it paid down credit cards doesn’t make it “responsible”…


Agreed. That’s the beauty of a report-- it’s more difficult to spin than a single statement freed from it’s context

" In contrast, Representative Santos was frequently in debt, had an abysmal credit score, and relied on an ever-growing wallet of high-interest credit cards to fund his luxury spending habits. He occasionally deposited large amounts of cash that he has never accounted for, moved money between his various bank accounts in a highly suspicious manner, and made over $240,000 cash withdrawals for unknown purposes."

From the report


The people who most want Santos gone are vulnerable New York republicans. Much as I dislike him, I kind of hope George sticks around and his colleagues have to run for re-election with his federal trial weighing down their balance sheets.


I’m aware it’s highly criminal, but it’s sort of like a drug dealer using their proceeds to buy caulking to insulate their windows to avoid a high heating bill. Given his flagrantly criminal behavior, I find it surprising that he pays his credit card bills at all, let alone is concerned about their balance.

Which do you think he did first? Pay down the credit card debt or the OF subscription?

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If you look like a deadbeat, the credit card companies won’t let you live a certain kind of lifestyle. The trick is to cycle balances so it looks like you might actually pay your bills on time. What’s worth more? An exclusive card with a six figure spending limit, or a couple of cards that would max out after a night out on the town?

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No, it’s more like a drug dealer using money to pay their utility bills because they know if they don’t they won’t have access to gas, water and electricity.

Santos uses his credit cards to buy things for himself, and used donors’ money to pay down his cards so he could continue to do so. It’s just straight-up theft, nothing “responsible” about it.


Alas, ‘deadbeat’ is the term credit card companies use to describe those of us that pay their credit card bills every month. They don’t make a cent of interest from us and only gain the processing fees from their retailers.


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