"George Santos taught me how to skim card information and how to clone cards," says ex-roommate

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Unsurprising. And if it takes being convicted of a crime to oust from congress this psychopath – whose lies would’ve already gotten most of the rest of us fired from our jobs – so be it.


For the two-bit conman he clearly is, it’s an impressive achievement to be voted into such a high office. Gotta give him that. Usually that kind of position is reserved for a higher class of criminal


You don’t have to give him anything, if he wants something he’ll just take it when no one is looking.




While Santos definitely needs to be booted from congress and held accountable for his actions, I would rather that news outlets focus more on higher-profile repubs who are actively trying to destroy our constitution and country.


It’s ok, Santos is probably picking their pockets RIGHT NOW.


Hey @beschizza, this is fantastic!


Clearly, in this timeline John Connor didn’t become leader of the resistance…

(Not yet, anyway…)


How did the press miss SOOO much about this guy? I mean, isn’t that part of why a free press is called the “4th branch”? Shouldn’t all of this have come out BEFORE he was elected?


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The short version is that newspapers in general and local newspapers in particular have been facing financial problems for years, and one consequence is that most of the money spent on political journalism is spent covering national politics instead of local races. Journalists have also become far too dependent on opposition research (i.e., whatever dirt each party digs up on the other and shares with the press) and the Democrats dropped the ball this time too. Heck, the Republicans dropped the ball doing looking into their own guy’s background.

It’s a problem that isn’t going to get better soon unless we find a new way to pay for real independent journalism in the post-print-media age.


Faces will be added until morale improves!


Doesn’t the prison keep visit logs and security video archives?! Just sayin’…

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Oh this story just gets better and better. Semi-organized crime boss? Does this explain where he gets some of his money?


I think I read somewhere his funding came from dark money sources and his own involvement in that pyramid scheme corporation. Need to go look.

What’s interesting about this ATM skimming business is that I think it would be a Federal offence that crosses state lines. Perhaps a legal eagle on the forum can confirm?


Given his criminal history and that he was living with - and providing a character witness for (which involved lying to a judge about where he worked) - this guy, it seemed pretty clear Santos was involved somehow. (Not that I would necessarily trust everything this other guy has to say - after all, he might be a lying, attention-seeking criminal like George Santos!)

The irony is, they didn’t - local news realized he was sus and reported on some of it, but didn’t have the resources to do a really deep dive. For some reason everyone just ignored their reporting, though. (Possibly because they were just a small local paper…)

Apparently, not so much with that, either - they uncovered some damning stuff, but their response was, “Uh, this is what we found out, and it seems pretty disqualifying if revealed - are you sure you want to keep running?” Santos said ‘yes’ and the Republicans basically just dropped the matter and pretended not to know anything.

Santos made statements in support of this guy in court (that involved lying to a judge, no less) as his roommate, so it’s not like the connection between them was remotely hidden.

Well, it explains what he was doing when he claimed he was in college and working on Wall Street. This is how he survived (even if he frequently had issues with not paying rent) when he apparently had no job… and contextualizes his outlandish lies about his employment history - the alternative was admitting he was a petty criminal.

His recent money appears to be a) lies - like Trump, not having the money he claims to, b) pyramid schemes and other frauds and c) from Russian oligarchs (whom he sucks up to with blatantly pro-Russian positions).




Or they just don’t give a fuck anymore and will run anyone who will back their fascist agenda…


yet another thing we can ultimately blame on the Regan Administration FCC fairness doctrine - Wikipedia The FCC stopped requiring news outlets to actually report the news in 1987.